Look What’s Here…

Online shopping websites are nice with lots of variety and trustworthy these days. And with websites like urbantouch and violetbag, one can get brands under one roof without travelling from one showroom to the other. And how can I forget the discounts I get from these websites.


So last week I had ordered quite some things from I finally received my parcel. Though I wasn’t at home to collect it, my brother did and on my mom’s ‘forced’ request he opened the box and then sent me a message on WhatsApp: “Didi tera make-up aa Gaya. Ma asked me to open it, so I opened it, so don’t get angry at me. And Haan I took out the Deo that you bought for me. Thanks.”



By the time I reached home at around 9 or 9:30 in the night, I saw my parcel being exhibited on the bed. I had that small child’s happiness when I saw all my products. And actually ‘yayyed’ around my house with my eye shadow from Maybelline New York in one hand and Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara in the other.  I also got a Free Gift from Violet Bag. It is an Aloe Vera Cream which can be used for face and hair.


This post isn’t a review about any of the product. This is just a post (as many of you’ll would know). More than the excitement of getting the products on time my relief was “hush! Got it!” the reason I was scared the whole week was because I had done a debit card payment. End of the day, there remains the Indian fear of paying for anything before hand.


Other updates, I had gone on a date yesterday. Wasn’t a date exactly but it was a ‘happy realization’ day for the guy. No more details on this ‘Privacy Issues’ 😛


Just to let you all know that I had a leave yesterday for the 4th of July (America’s Independence Day), as I work for a U.S. Process I am the lucky one to get all the U.S. Holidays but unlucky because I get no leaves for Indian Holidays… Though I am going to eat my TL’s head for Durga Puja. I know there’s lots of time for Durga Puja, but I am a Bengali and we decide for the next Durga Puja during the current year’s Durga Puja.


Reviews coming this weekend. Meanwhile uploading the pictures of the entire parcel.



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