I am Sorry…

One of my readers mailed me a while ago stating he wants to read something dark about me. I gave it a thought since I guess two weeks now or three? And then came to a decision, that I won’t be publishing a dark thing on my blog unless it is really worth the mention. I want to apologize to that reader of mine for not keeping up his request but instead would like to tell him that publishing something dark about my life can make people cry and feel sympathetic (it’s the least that I want). I don’t want people to cry over my blog, rather I want to make people smile through the sarcastic humor of mine. I want the XXL girls to feel good about themselves and read about my Crush Life and my online beauty products shopping experience and about my street shopping.


Sadness is there in everyone’s life and reading someone else’s sadness wont help them, so why not spread love and happiness with a hint of beauty in it…?


Sarfaraz Saikh, is the reader who had this request that I am unable to fulfill, but I am sure that he will understand and support me into this.


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