…in love – AGAIN!

‘Love can happen only once’, is a myth. It happens more than once. No doubt that people call such people Flirt or Characterless or with much worse terms. But this is the truth. The other day, over breakfast me and my mom was having this conversation about Love. Needless to say that I was against it and she was trying to brainwash my mind and tell me how beautiful love is and also told me to be in love for once.


That is when I asked her again: ‘Ma, tum merko bolo What is Love?’  her reply was a result of a big 15 minute speech, after which she asked me, ‘have you really never been in love or is it that you are hiding from me because I am your ma?’ I told her the truth that she didn’t expect at all. I told her that I have been in love many times.


The truth is that I have been in love since I was 15. Technically a person is in love since they are born. But here I am writing about the ‘LOVE’ love. The relationship love.

Why do we say that Love happens only once?

Our heart beats all the time. It works all the time. Our feelings never stop. When our feelings and heart never stops then how can we stop loving? When people say that, ‘I have lost my love and can never love again.’ I think it’s something that people wants to believe. In reality, love can happen more than once.


At the age of 15, I fell in love with my friend. I was a nerd and he was the coolest boy in the classes. He was a Tulu guy (now you know why I like the Southies so much) with a smile to die for. I loved him a lot. Today, if he would have been alive I would have been engaged to him for sure. Unfortunately he died when he was 18 and I was 16. Then I thought it must’ve been an infatuation, attraction or just a crush, but today I realize that I loved him. I still love him. And nothing’s wrong in it, is it? ‘Love is eternal’ haven’t we heard this since the time we started reading Radha Krishna Story? Love is beyond death and being apart. This might sound too filmy and too bookish, but accepting the fact is the only option left in today’s world.


Now-a-days where a person’s life is very small and a threat of dying lies in everyone, it’s time we should go and tell the one’s we love that we love them. I never had the courage to tell it when I was 15 and today I regret. When he died, I told myself, I would  never fall In love again (yeah I was just 16). Then for two years I never fell in love again. When I turned 18, I fell in love again. This time I fell in love with a guy who was much older than me. Trust me I still love him. In fact I love both of them. Then when I left college and started working I fell in love with another guy, who is now married.


I told my mom, how I fell in love with more than one time and she told me, ‘Mita, these can’t be love but just mere infatuations.’ I then explained to her that love can happen again and again. And there is a logic behind it.

Why do we fall in love again and again?


The logic I explained to my mom about falling in love again and again is very simple. I am not sure about other people around me or people reading this post, but I have a list of qualities I would like in my GUY. Now unfortunately all the qualities cannot be available in one guy. For this single reason I fall in love with more than one guy. And yeah my love that happened to me at the age of 21 wasn’t the last one. 1 year after, even today I love all the guys who have been in my life – From the guy who left the world from the guy who has left the city – EVERYONE.


My mom was stunned after hearing my logic and said it was senseless and baseless and left the room with the breakfast plates. But I know she must’ve given it a thought and would now understand that I have been in love many times, in fact right now while writing this post I am in love with a guy, just the difference is that I have never been in a relationship, but LOVE? Yeah I have always been in love with more than one person. This might give a wrong signal to many of you’ll but as they say, ‘the truth is ugly.’


I never thought I would realize the fact and accept it, but I have been in love with most of the guys I thought I had a crush on.


I am not sure, if I would be able to tell all the guys in my life that I love them but through this post, I am sure some of them would understand. It’s important to tell the one you love rather than regretting later. I have taken the first step of telling all my guys how much I love them, let’s see who takes the next step!


P.S.: Shrabani PLEASE don’t over react to this post, but the truth is UGLY. I have been in LOVE with ALL of THEM (even the one’s who have broken my heart 😛 )


7 thoughts on “…in love – AGAIN!

  1. I understand about falling in love many a times, but once they have left your life is it still possible to feel the same? If you love somebody and that love still exists, is it really possible to love another one? Curious:)


  2. your chaotic soul is______
    (fill up the blank with all types of enthusiastic words)
    is it a coincidence in finding such “in simpatico” persons(Here U) or does it happen often with everyone! Enjoyed it.
    Love…reading your posts, in morning with a cup of tea. With every ‘thing’ weathering down and ‘person’ losing contact with, only one thing lives forever…..its LOVE. Moral of the story: “It’s time we should go and tell the ones we love, that we love them, for we have only one life to spend”.


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