My First Little Black Dress

This one’s going to be a quick post. So today was my last day of shopping for this weekend or should I say this month…?! Whatever!

After months of online cravings and dreams of finding a Perfect Little Black Dress for my body frame and buying it, it has come true. It fits me well and looks good. I am obviously posting a picture of it on a hanger. I am joining a gym to get fit to actually look much better in this dress…

Oh my GOD! I am just so happy and excited… yaayyyy!

Other updates are such that I had been to Jivdaani Temple, Virar today. I haven’t slept for the last 48 hours and now its time to sleep I guess after a bit of surfing the net and also staring at the LBD which is still hung in my drawing room to make me happy.

Here’s my LBD – Correction my FIRST LBD



Original Cost: Rs. 1299/-

Location: Globus Stores, Thakur Mall

SO people this is my first LBD! i am so excited about it…

A quick EDIT: this is a must on my Lust List…. Achieved it…. 😀


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