Street Shopping…


I had written almost 1041 words in the previous unpublished blog post. The fact is I will never publish it because I have just deleted the entire word document. I was actually too lazy to write it after a week. So I have decided to combine the past weeks and today’s shopping spree together in this post.


No matter what we all love shopping. Some of us say that we hate shopping but such people are into online shopping. I am a die-hard fan of online shopping. If you think that I am one of those Tech-Savvy Mumbaikar girls, trust me I am not! The reason I love online shopping is because I don’t have to sweat. I can just relax back on my chair, keep scrolling the mouse’s scroll key and keep reading and looking at the products. I don’t shop clothes online for obvious reason which is my SIZE! I am too conscious about my clothes and need something that looks cool, hot, and trendy and is comfortable and economical at the same time.


I can’t enter a make-up store and spend thousands of rupees in the store because I feel too girly then.  So I have opted for online shopping for my make-up. I have started shopping Brands, lately. In 3-5 days I might have this big box arriving at home with some more Maybelline and also my Lakme and Colorbar. Wow! So many brands together in one box would look good! So for the last 2 weeks I have been saving the list of things on my Violet Bag’s webpage that I would buy once my salary gets into the account. Though I have added few more stuff in the list than I had originally decided to buy.


The week before this, I had gone out on a shopping spree with my mom and younger brother. This shopping was only in Mira Road, for the monsoon shoes, purse, and some clothes! Many people say ‘don’t buy or wear new clothes during monsoon.’ But my dad always said that the monsoon is the season of fresh. So it’s not fair not to buy new things in this season. He always used to take us shopping in the monsoon.


So my mom and I are taking the ritual forward by shopping every monsoon as well (I keep shopping whenever I have money, let that be monsoon or summer). Talking about my mom let me tell you, Bengali moms can be so embarrassing at times. She kept yelling at me the entire time for something or the other. Though she is the coolest mom and she knows fashion more than me, but when it comes to a more than usual SEXY dresses she would give me 2-3 Bengali speeches on how to dress and then eventually buy them when I would tell them how and where I would wear them.


So without bitching more about my mom and the other entire community of Bengali mom’s let me tell you what’s new in my super messy wardrobe.


I took two casual tops to wear with jeans as I have a scarcity of them on the weekend before this. Okay FINE! I am over-exaggerating, but Change is the spice of life, isn’t it? Who doesn’t want more things in their wardrobe? I don’t care about anyone else, but I want it. I want to have even those dresses that I would never wear but keep with me.


I also purchased a purple purse which is quite neat and can take in all my cards (Debit Cards – I hate Credit Cards). I also took a pair of jelly shoes that looks like I haven’t worn anything on my feet, because I decided to take the nude color (my favorite). So this was all about my shopping spree the week before. The shopping part was fun and cool but the best part was my mom’s reaction on every top I took out of the rack. Generation Gap! I had thought of buying some real good sleeveless (spaghetti sleeves) tops, but my mother said NO, and going beyond your mother’s will is the biggest DANGER at least in my family. However I convinced her to allow me to buy 2 sleeveless tops that week, but they weren’t spaghetti sleeves but were NICE sleeveless and oh-so-comfortable.


After the small shopping spree, I decided to go for a grand shopping tour with my mom, but this time it was not my local market. I went to the Bandra Hill Road market, which is well known for its street shopping.


Today my mom taught me the Advanced Level of Bargaining. I bargained for everything I bought and also on something’s that I didn’t purchased but bargained till death unless I found out that the man was too stubborn to give up. I bought two of those really cute shorts (Shrabani, you must see them, they are so cute!) obviously I am not wearing them out, but you never know. I bought four casual tops for 100 bucks each (which is super cheap) and a pair of blue monsoon shoes that would look good with everything I wear. I also bought a bag which is not for monsoon but otherwise is a good, big and comfy bag.


Let’s not brag about more things and just show you the pictures of all of it.


This top is actually maroon and I am so not sure, why it looks like RED in this picture (maybe the flash)? Anyway, what I love about this Top is the sleeves of it. It is nice and comfortable. Cotton being my all time favorite this happens to be my favorite out of everything I bought.

Original Cost: Rs. 300/-

Bargained Rate: Rs. 150/-

Location: Mira Road’s Local Shop

Okay! so technically this top should appear Purple and not Blue…? is it looking blue or purple?!? maybe i have become color blind! However, this top is the one top which is so  bright that a person would turn around once someone wears this and pass by. (With a personality like mine – a person will turn-around. Why? keep scrolling down…)

Original Cost of the Jacket: Rs. 200/- and of the T-Shirt: Rs. 180/-

Bargained Rate: Rs. 250/- for both

Location: From the same shop i bought the above top

Please don’t call it a Table-cloth, like my mom did! 😦 this one is actually in the Kaftan Style… Pin.. really..? yeah this is pink and looks Pink too… I am not a girl who would buy Pink, but i loved the pattern a lot and the shopkeeper didn’t have it in any other color.

Original Cost: Rs. 500/-

Bargained Rate: Rs. 100/-

(SURPRISED? i was surprised too when my mother bargained to death and got this one for just 100 bucks!)

Location: Jasmine Collections, Hill Road, Bandra

my mom looked at this top and said: ‘Mita I am warning you – dare you buy this.’ Eventually with mine and the salesman persuasion, she gave up and when i wore it at home with a bit mix-n-match, she loved the top and my idea. I loved the comfort of this top so much that i bought two of it. This one’s Blue (in case it looks like some other color) and the other is Black.

Original Cost: Rs. 190/-

Bargained Rate: Rs. 100/-

Location: Hill Road, Bandra (Street Stall)

This is the best cotton handbag I ever got for less than Rs. 100/- It is spacious, the way I like my bags to be. I am sure, it would look good with Casuals.

Original Cost: Rs. 160/-

Bargained Cost: Rs. 90/-

Location: Hill Road, Bandra (Street Stall)

These are real cute. Lemme tell you’ll that these are those bracelets that looks like kada’s but are stretchable. For me these kind of bracelets works because –

– Because of tough hands, its very difficult for me to wear bangles or anything of that sort that has to glide its way in.

this one is not a kada but a bracelet, that glides in easily because of it stretchable quality.

-I am a nice and HEALTHY person. which means i am FAT! and because of which i like Big junk jewelery that goes well with my body frame.

Original Cost:Rs. 200/- Each

Bargained Cost: Rs: 150/- Each (The sales man was too stubborn)

Location: Hill Road, Bandra (Street Stall)

This might look like many rings tied together. Trust me this is an unique necklace i have ever seen. This one was very expensive and no bargain was done on this. But as my mom loved it for me, she didnt bother to move out as she did in the Two stalls before we reached here.

Original Cost: Rs. 200/-

Location: Hill Road, Bandra (Street Stall)

‘Tadaaaa!’ my super kool shorts. i am in love with these two cuties. one of them is animal print and the other is floral. we couldn’t bargain on this one because, it was already quite cheap.

My mom wasn’t in the mood of letting me buy these, but my assurance of wearing it at home or at cousin’s or friend’s place or at the most at some tourist destination, let her give up!

So much for Two Shorts!

Original Cost: Rs. 70/-

Location: Hill Road, Bandra (Street Stall)

These are not the Jelly shoes, i mentioned about. But these are a cute pair of blue shoes that looks cute and cool.

Original Cost: Rs. 200/-

Bargained Cost: Rs. 100/-

Now People! Let me introduce Ashmita Chatterjee in the full Goa Mood!

You cannot see my feet, but i am wearing the Blue shoes. I am so sure , that whenever i am making my plans for Goa – i am going to Bandra to buy lots of shorts and such tops and just pack them into one bag pack and enjoy myself in Goa!

So this was my shopping spree, with so much of shopping at an economical rate!

Surprise: I have ordered some beauty products from Violet Bag and once they are here and i get a chance to use them, i am so going to write a review on them.

By the way, today i am going out with my friend. We are about to leave in half an hour. FREAK! i just Received her Text! I am so late and dead! Bye people got to RUSH big time!


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  1. I am smiling while reading this post, I love bargaining, every time I’ll go for shopping for some stuff specially during special occasions such as Christmas I go in Divisoria to shop and you can buy really nice stuff such as bag, shoes, and clothes in a very low price…


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