Ohh! You are a Bengali!?!

I have heard many  people telling me, “You don’t look like a Bengali!” I often ignored their comments. Usually people ask me for my last name and when I tell them, “its Chatterjee.” They look at me and tell the above mentioned sentence.


Why am I writing this all of a sudden…? Obviously because something happened tonight – sorry in the morning! No – actually during the night! Well leave it, it actually took place on 21st June, 2012 4.10 in the morning. So there was this new guy in my company transport. He was sitting beside me and the whole conversation above was between him and me. He is one guy who never knew that Chatterjee’s are actually BENGALI’S!


“Wha……t?”, that was my expression. The entire time listening to the FM I kept thinking, “who doesn’t know  that Chatterjee is a Bengali?” I kept looking at him from the corner of my eyes and saw him talking on the phone while some big gadget in his hand, that I never saw before. It was huge! I then took out my earphones and asked him what is the thing in his hand! He looked at me as if I asked him a dumb question and he said, ‘its Blackberry Playbook! You don’t know about it?’ and I smiled at him and told him the fact that I have never seen a Playbook in real and it is fascinating to see it. I again concentrated on my FM and wondered again – ‘the guy is a gadget guru and is telling his friend on the phone how to use a blackberry Playbook but doesn’t know that Chatterjee is supposed to be a Bengali!’


I then concluded my thoughts by telling myself what Shrabani always tells me when I am angry: ‘maaf karde bichaare ko!’ but still…?

Anyway its time to sleep!


4 thoughts on “Ohh! You are a Bengali!?!

  1. I know !!!
    these are the times when people flaunt their knowledge in gadgets and take pride in these nuggets ofwisdom but have little or no knowledge of their country,culture and simple things like surnames
    some one once asked me how i know so much about other cultures and i said because humans interest me more than machines


  2. this is sometimes makes me feel sad if I found someone don’t know at all about there countries culture and traditions, technology is good but most younger genre now forget there roots … good point on this post….


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