Oye! Its just Another post!

What is that man…? He knows how think? What I think? When I am thinking what? He knows everything – actually almost everything and he is just so amazing.


He is a mystery. I would never know what is going on in his mind. I would never know when would he be out of reach. He has wheels on his feet. I am scared to just lose him. Though he is a very good friend but that fear always lives in me. I am not sure, if he would read this but I hope he does!


He says weird things. He does things that are crazy but he is cute. He is one guy who never asked me to reduce! 😛


Love him for that! He knows how to handle his alcohol and he looks cute when drunk. Okay don’t get me wrong! He is a very good friend*




I am not sure if he would read this. I don’t know if he would know that this is for him. All I would like to say in the end that “I want to be in contact with you always!” Shrabani stop smiling – I know you know I am talking about whom! Shh! Stop laughing now Girl!


Okay so GUY there are people who miss you. try to be in touch! 🙂


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