Aww… those are mine!

The most difficult work in a girl’s life isn’t getting married or being in a relationship – it is selecting what to wear when going out for a party or just work. Trust me I always spend long minutes in deciding what to wear. And every day I have to say “I have nothing good to wear”. But the truth is no matter how old or young a female is, she would never be satisfied with her own stuff in the closet.


This one? Or this one? Is what I ask my brother or mother who is easily available. If none of them are there then I have to ask my mirror. By the end of the entire struggle I end up wearing something I always wear. And if I happen to decide what I want to wear, then too I will say “I always have to wear this, I have no good clothes.” Though most of them are personally selected by me and some of them are even brands. But girls are girls…

that's not my closet! ;)

My mom asks me to clean up my closet every month and every time I do that I keep the never worn clothes on the top so that next time I am in a dilemma of what to wear I will have the never worn things right in front of my eyes, but somehow they just are untouched even after months. Last month I took out 3 new dresses from my closet (tags still on) and tried them but I wasn’t happy with the color of one of it, the other became too small for me (rather I am growing fatter day-by-day) and the last one, I don’t remember when I bought it. So eventually I gave all those brand new dresses to my cousin who is 5 years younger to me. She was more than happy to get some tagged tops and Kurtis and my heart was crying while I was giving it to her.


I love my things. Giving away new things is like giving away your chocolate! That’s a disaster. Trust me! a girl giving away her new things from clothes to nail polish is a big thing! My mom says, “Mita, bada dil rakh!” and I say, “nahi hai mere paas bada dil.” I might sound like an evil but giving away your new clothes to someone is like… well you can put a word yourself! No girl would like to do that! Even though we might not wear them ever but some clothes look good in our closet and we love it there.

So after two weeks it’s going to be a cleaning session of my closet. I don’t understand one thing, every time I clean my closet I find at least One dress to give away, though I haven’t gone for clothes shopping in months! Hmm!





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