A day in the life of a Blogger and Corporate Slave

Stressing but Fun! That’s how I can sum up my life in three words. Working on a full time profile that has only night shifts can be exhausting. Trust me it isn’t an easy job. Arranging the documents and calling the clients for more information can be taxing. Plus, being a blogger and content for the blog always on the mind can be challenging.


So I am sure that most of you’ll would agree to it but people who don’t let me take you through a day in the life of a corporate slave and a blogger.


01:00 (afternoon)

This is the time when my day begins. I am not kidding but yes I wake up in the afternoon at 1:00. Many of you may think how convenient it is for Ashmita to get up so late but that’s early. That’s early for a person who works all night arranging documents.  So every day I set up my alarm to 12:30 and open my eyes at 1:00. But technically I get up at 1:30.

1:30 to 2:00

The first thing I do when I get up – check my mobile and eat my brunch. Literally it’s brunch! So checking my mobile phone is more or less like a ritual. As a blog writer, a smart phone is like your best friend. It keeps you updated about the blog.

2:00 to 2:30

I have to sit on my PC to write an article, some days when I don’t write an article I surf the net for new prompts or new ideas for my blog.  This is the time when I also do some of my before bath beauty regime. (It is so necessary for a corporate slave to look good)


2:30 to 3:00

Get ready to go to work. I am a quick dresser. So it won’t take me hours in front of the mirror. After my shower, I just need to pull my dress out of the closet (literally pull out!) and wear it on. Apply my kaajal, dab-on lip gloss and moisturizer and there I am all set to go and be the corporate queen.

3:00 to 3:30

I wander around In the house and arrange my bag. My mom is at work when I have to leave, so it’s me who has to keep my own water and tiffin in my bag. So this half an hour goes into packing up my bag and do a quick mental checklist-

I-Card (Tick)

House Keys (Tick)

Headphones (Tick)

Money (Tick)

Tiffin (Tick)

Water (Tick)

Novel (Tick)

3:30 to 4:00

This is the most crucial time in my day because, this is the time I have to keep calling my company transport team to ask them if they remember that I am still alive and they are sending a cab for me. This also the time when I talk to my brother who is getting ready to leave for his B COM classes.


4:00 to 5:45

I am traveling in my company’s cab. Looking outside the window like a small child to see things and people around. If at all I happen to be seated in the between and don’t get the window seat, I would make it a point that the person who has the window seat keeps looking outside and cherishes all the views. This is also the time I take small naps or read a book. I also keep checking my blog and my mails while sitting In the cab.


5:45 to 6:10

I reach my work at this time on a normal day with medium traffic.  While getting out of my cab I always get a mini-heart attack – because hair goes for a toss. It’s all messy. I meet Shrabani at the company gate and we have that never-ending gossip.

6:10 to 6:40

A visit to the office washroom and cafeteria. I dab-on some more lip gloss and brush my hair quickly. I am all set to work now.


6:40(evening) to 3:30(morning)

The sweet and sad and pretty blogger turns into a corporate bitch! I work on Excel sheets trying to impress my co-workers with my skills and process knowledge. I use big words that are commonly used within my office. Smile at people, from different process and keep a mask of a typical corporate bitch. But In the back of my mind I have to keep thinking about my blog and what to post next.

3:30 to 4:30

Is the time when I get my transport again from the company to my house. The entire time I keep my headphones on and my eyes on the phone on my WhatsApp messages, texts, missed calls and emails.


4:30 to 7:30

Is the time when I reach home and talk to my mom who is just up from sleep and listens to my entire story from the office. She makes me morning tea.


7:30 to 8:45

My mom leaves at around 7:30 and that is when I go to my PC and write my blog or read the comments and reply back to them. Checking Facebook and updating my status update is a must before I go to sleep.


8:45 to 1:00

Is the time when I am sleeping and dreaming about the best of the things.


In the middle of all this I also have to study for my masters and keep browsing about classes for foreign languages. So this is how a blogger-cum-student-cum-corporate bitch lives in daily life – and people say it is an easy life.


Phew!!! Well today I am going to get up late as its Saturday which is my official blog! And this also means that there are more posts coming up but not now In the night. Till then good night people! And have a rocking Saturday while I can have a nice sleepy Saturday with no one around at my place! Yayyy! Home alone today!


4 thoughts on “A day in the life of a Blogger and Corporate Slave

  1. how can you be done with only 4 hrs sleep!!! that too in such a hectic schedule
    ohh…u recover that time by sleeping in weekends….nice way of keeping yourself busy 😉
    so i guess u must b wishin ur frnd, good night twice a day, once when they sleep @ night, 2nd time when you sleep in morning 😀


    1. naah actuallly i dont wish my friends good night ever! in the night when i want to wish them, they’re all sleeping and in the morning they dont get up so early that i can wish them a good night! 😛


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