I ain’t proud to say that I watched the movie The Namesake today, because I should’ve seen it long back. But then I wasn’t that fanatic about movies like I am today. So I asked my brother to download the movie and I watched it. I read the Novel long back, but watching the movie was a great experience as well. The best part about watching such an intelligent movie all by yourself, you don’t have anyone to ask you questions or irritate you.


This post isn’t a film review, but it’s just another routine post by me about something that I did. Rather another page in my diary. I cried. Had many things in mind and finally when watched the movie the tears fell. They did! I know Shrabani would say, “what’s wrong with you!” after reading this but I am human end of the day.


Broken heart, emotional day in life, recollecting the good memories from the past – all these things make me cry. I was well known as a Cry baby in my family, until the last 6-7 years – where my nick name changed back to Mita! I was so glad when my cousin called me Mita instead of Cry baby or Rotlu (cry baby in Hindi – I guess!)

I have been one of those girls in my family who has cried for hours if SRK dies in a movie or if my pencil is lost or if I burnt my hand by holding a glass full of hot milk. Yeah I know that’s irritating. Today, I hate such children who cry for no good reason, but I was once the same.


So once I was out of my cry baby mode for the last 6-7 years, I met quite interesting people. Most of them became my friends, some did turn out to be best friends while some retained to be a best friend! Okay Shrabani, you can smile now!


We, human beings usually have this tendency of doing what people want us to. That is what I did for the last 6-7 years. I didn’t cry because people were bored of my tears. I told myself: “Mita you are very strong and you won’t cry.” but the fact was, I felt like crying at every point of time you saw me. I am a cry baby! I cry for silly issues. I cry if I see my crush with someone else, even though I later realize that she was just his sister. I cry when I see my ex with another girl, even though I later realize that he isn’t happy with her. I cry when I drop my burger in MC. Donald. I cry when a dog chases me. I cry when I see a cat around my society. I cry when I see Durga Ma’s Visarjan. I cry during Ganapati visarjans. I cry when I have more rotis than usual in the morning breakfast. So yes I cry for every small thing. But the last 6-7 years, I haven’t been what I am. I am not strong enough to hold my tears back. I am not that strong to pretend that I am cool! I am not! I have a heart that hurts.


So no pretending from now on that I don’t cry. I am  a girl and I cry. I am not the stronger one when it comes to emotional relationships, not anymore. It’s always good to be yourself!


Anyway! I have decided to show people what they have lost and missed. 1 year’s time and I hope things work the way I want it to be. In literal terms, i want people to regret for what they have done! So for now, adios people!

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