Crush, Attraction, Love – whatever!

Today I was talking to a colleague in the company’s transport, and she told me that it’s difficult to forget your first love! I agreed with her. She then asked me if I have ever been in love. I told her the truth. I then told her, “never been in love but had many crushes’ and for me even forgetting those crushes is difficult.” The female looked at me and smiled. I decided to smile back and look out of the window and concentrate on the song playing on the radio.


I remember my mom telling me once something of this sort: ‘there is never nothing known as CRUSH – it’s either that you are attracted to someone or you are not.’ And the moment I reached home this morning and saw my mom in the kitchen I asked her, “ma you had once said na that there’s nothing known as  CRUSH its just attraction or no attraction?” she looked at me and nodded. I then continued to ask her if its possible that I was in love with all the guys I have had crush on or was attracted to? She looked at me and asked me what’s the matter. To which I didn’t say anything and just said, nothing. She didn’t ask me anything further.

Now many might think why did I ask such a question? Well, every time I have a crush, my life becomes musical, I start getting ready and make sure to select a proper dress for everyday, I dedicate a time to to that crush’. Now all these are the symptoms of LOVE! But the problem is, I feel the same for all my crushes. Which technically means that I am in love with almost three of them because I technically have 3 big crushes of lifetime! Actually make that four. But I had the same feeling for everyone. This feeling is the LOVE feeling I guess… or maybe I have never been in love and this is just the attraction or crush feeling! But its difficult for me to forget all of them.


Big Deal! Anyway, this post is a result of sleepy eyes and a tired hand. I will now eat my Maggi Noodles and then take off into the world of dreams!


7 thoughts on “Crush, Attraction, Love – whatever!

  1. As always every time I read u’re post it makes me smile and I can’t ignore the fact that I learned some from it…
    Crushes, when I had it it is more on attraction and yah it took also time to forget it coz we gave time for them…
    In right time you well feel the beauty of being in love me …. 😉


  2. whenever i remember him…i remember the following words: KUTTA, KAMEENA, ULLU KA PATTHA…. damn!! loved him for 10 years and than one day suddenly he tied knot to someone. Waiting for Karma to hit in his BALLS…so hard, so hard, so hard,… may be even than he will not feel the pain he gave me…. AMEN!!


    1. woahahh!!! i pray the same for that guy of yours! dont worry i have been in a similar situation but just that mine was not 10 years but 9 months!!! 😛


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