VNA Training or Rehab Center’s Confession Circle?

VNA training or Rehab Center’s Confession Circle ? is the question on my mind 24X7…


Every time I enter my VNA training room, I have this feeling that I am in a rehab center. The trainer is full of positivity and that is what getting on to my nerves. Can you imagine someone saying so many inspirational and philosophical things at a go. I know it’s a good thing, but isn’t VNA training supposed to be fun?!?


Maybe it is not but my previous VNA trainer has spoiled my habits and now I think Training period is the Honeymoon Period… evidently this is not the case here. Training is just Training here and a bit of soul cleaning sessions.

Every day before beginning our day we have this thing called as ICEBREAKER! Icebreakers are supposed to be fun, isn’t it? Well the icebreakers here is like this: “what do you think has changed after this VNA program?” – my reaction in my mind to this was WHAT!?! So in this particular icebreaker, my colleagues started saying positive things like, “I have started listening to English Songs.” Someone said, “I speak in English every time I am in the office or with colleagues.” Someone said, “blah-blah-blah…” the way people said it sounded like they have been in a rehab center for speaking in Hindi all their life or for not using American Accent. Meanwhile my colleagues were sharing their experience till now, I was here in a Confused state of mind as to what am I supposed to say? And finally it was my chance to give one of those positive things that the program has done for me. I said, “I have started watching U.S. movies and downloaded few movies of Ashton Kutcher.” To which he asked “No Strings Attached” and Shrabani gave me that bitchy look of hers. My trainer was so relieved to hear another positive thing about this program and its effect.


I lied. Big Deal! I have been watching English movies for a while now. I love them. Ashton Kutcher happens to be my favorite and I literally fantasize about him. No strings attached, the movie is my favorite and is on my mobile too (mobile version, you know!). I am  a big fat liar. But as they say, if your lies make someone happy then that lies is good. Yes I lied but the fact is VNA trainings are good. And apart from surprising me every time there’s nothing else that a VNA training does for me.  Because of VNA programs I know what is INDIANISM, I know what are syllables, phonetics blah-blah-blah! They’re good but this particular VNA program is now getting too positive. The day begins with a few positive words from my trainer and then a few more of him and eventually it results in me blabbering things that I have not done.


Have you seen the movie Hancock or Confessions of a Shopaholic? If you have, you would remember the scenes in which they showed this rehab thing, where the main leads of both the movies says about what have they done and what are they doing to improve.  I have the exact feeling when I am in the classroom.


In short I am still confused if it’s a Rehab Center or a VNA training! And yeah talking in Hindi is a crime there! What!?!


On this note, i would like to end the post here that was more of a complaint but whatever – who cares!!! Chalo, I have to go to get ready for another session with the Rehab Program – ah sorry VNA program!


7 thoughts on “VNA Training or Rehab Center’s Confession Circle?

  1. hahaha, I love it Ash, well even here during VNA training no one is allowed to used our native tongue, any way congratulation and good luck on the new journey…


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