Too many things on my plate!

I had a three day weekend! It was fun. All I did was to sleep. I told Shrabani that I would read The Immortals of Meluha and complete Nagas too but such a lazy girl like me couldn’t do anything but sleep. On Saturday, I slept for 12 hours and my ma said, “Baap re! Tu ladki hai ki Kumbha Karan?” and I said, “KumbhaKaran! Lol!”


So this post is not about how much I slept and blah-blah-blah! This post is about nothing! I met this half Bengali and half American guy today. He was with an old friend named R. Like all my other friends (except Shrabani – she is my best friend) even R had come over to my place to meet my mom. They all love her!


So this Amer-bong guy’s name is Amit Mukherjee. (Shrabani is laughing for sure and Navin, I don’t know if he is even reading it but if he is and understands why is Shrabani laughing even he will start laughing). People who don’t know why is Shrabani laughing its because this guy shares his name with one of my crushes. I hope Navin now remembers! So Mukherjee is a very cute boy. He is one of those cute bong guys who are unavailable in India.


He is an Engineer – he is taller than me (I’m short!) lol! – He loves Fish – he can cook – he is over sized than me (yayyy) – in short he is cute! Now… you might be thinking why  am I describing this guy? Well my ma thinks he is cute and well-settled and bong Brahmin and he is not that bad for me! (Duh! He is too good for me!). Now the reason this R friend of mine brought him here was for the same reason. R, my ma, Mukherjee’s ma and R’s ma wants me and him to see each other, talk, meet, and then finally get married! I am not saying NO this time but I am not saying yes either.


This guy happens to be one of those cute nerds who has deactivated his FB profile because he is bored of technology, He as a Blackberry but no BBM. I told my ma that the reason he has no BBM because the economy in the USA is very difficult to which my ma told me, “tu chup kar…” I was quiet. I had a word with him. But he doesn’t talk. I had to do the talking.

So Mukherjee gets a +1 for being super cute and FAT (I love fat people because I feel like I am with one of a kind). He also gets a +1 for being a Bong Brahmin. He gets a -1 because he repeated my name 7 times when we exchanged names! A-S-H-M-I-T-A isn’t a difficult name at all. He gets a -1 because he carried a bottle of Mineral Water with him! (Typical NRI). So the Mukherjee guy is back to ZERO!


Well going to sleep now… its morning! And I have to get some sleep. Tomorrow, I mean on 29/05/2012 I have got to do a lot of things. I am going to make Jeera Rice. It won’t be the authentic Jeera Rice as I love variety in my food. I am going to do something different!


No! No! No! I am not making this Jeera Rice for the Mukherjee chap. It’s for my office people! We’ve got Potluck at work and I am supposed to make Jeera Rice! Also I am going to sing an English Song! Ashmita Chatterjee singing a song is going to be dangerous for all my colleagues. They all would need lots of food after they hear me singing! Lol! Yes I am the worse bathroom singer. So now you know I don’t have this typical bong babes qualities! Who cares! As long as I can make good food and relish my Fish – I am a True Bong!


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