Roadside Shopping is Fun and Cheap!

So I got this little extra money over the weekend for my hard work for late nights! (My freelance writing company gave me my first check (people this is not a spelling mistake, but cheque is written as check in American English! Weird!) for the Relationship Articles I wrote for them). Yayy!


As it was a Saturday I decided to go out with my mom and do a little month ending shopping. While being in the market of Mira Road, I saw this small roadside stall, where this guy was selling some junk jewelry and hair clips. Me and my mom went to this shop and bought many things. Bought some nail polish remover, hair clips, small junk earrings and to my happiness, I saw this colorful necklace kind of stuff that was secluded in the midst of all the other big things. I asked the uncle to remove those for me. I looked at my mom and she said, yeah they’re nice. I wore them and my ma gave me the approval to buy those. I asked the uncle how much are they for? And he gave me a price that stunned me more. He said the cost of it is Rs. 60/- I was happy as the same thing I once saw in the local train and that lady told me the rate of it as Rs. 200/- obviously I didn’t buy it then and I was so happy when I saw it again today, with a cheaper rate. I looked back at him and reconfirmed about the rate and he just said, “beta you take it for Rs. 50/-” I was happier this time and told him, fine I will buy it.


So this was about the small shopping spree I had with some bonus weekend money. Now I need to figure out with what would I wear those but who cares! I always wanted to buy these at a reasonable price and here it is! Another thing on my Lust List!


Here are some of the Pictures for the same! Guys i would love to get some help with what to wear it? (confused but happy anyway)

Junk Necklace
Junk Necklace
Me wearing it!
Junk Necklace
Junk Necklace


Junk Necklace


the hook of it!


Ciao! Good Day!


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