Benefit Finding Mr. Bright – the hunt begins now!

So there is this thing called ‘Benefit Finding Mr. Bright. It’s a brightening kit. I saw this first on a beauty blog. It is just so amazing. I have searched the entire online shopping sites from the discounted ones to the expensive ones, but got just one result: ‘No results found for your search “benefit finding Mr. bright”’.


Hmm… I actually irritated my ma to the core unless she just shouted and told me to keep quiet. “I want this thing!” this is on the top of my lust list. As they say even internet might not have all the things. So the hunt for ‘Benefit Finding Mr. Bright’ begins. I will search it in every possible beauty store. I will talk to my cousins (even to those whom I don’t talk to) who are outside India and will tell them to find this product for me. This thing is something that I want – BIG TIME!


I really don’t know what I am going to do with it. But it is so attractive and come-on, I am a girl and it wouldn’t be wrong to spend some extra money on unnecessary beauty products!



One thought on “Benefit Finding Mr. Bright – the hunt begins now!

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