Love Horoscopes – All Over Me!

Love horoscopes make us more miserable. There are people like me all around the globe. The types who would cry in a romantic movie or would read love stories always or have a crush at every point of life. People who are like me are confused about love and crush and hence think every crush is love! People like me are the one who is confused about whom to love MORE!


These love horoscopes on Facebook and Newspapers makes me more miserable. My today’s love horoscope is “be prepared to open your heart to romance.” Now the funny part is, my heart is open to romance and I will have a smile on my face when I read it on my love horoscope but apparently I don’t actually find one. My mom says, “never find love, you’d just feel it one fine day.” Is this ‘one fine day’ going to be before I turn too old to even listen to what the lover is saying?

Restless! Yes that is what I become when I read these love horoscopes. I know they all are just crap but reading them brings a smile on my face and keep hoping to be love struck. The worst part is when my horoscope said, “You will get a great surprise from your lover”. The funny part here was, the day I got this as my horoscope, one of my then latest crushes texted me saying, “I am getting married. It’s an arranged marriage.” Well though I can’t deny the fact that, the horoscope wasn’t wrong. It said that I will get a surprise and I was surprised to know that the guy I had a crush on (though I thought this might be love – how foolish of me!) is getting married in my birthday month! What else can one ask for! I would have screamed to hell if he would’ve told me that my birthday would be his wedding anniversary every year (Luck was in my favor).


Reading horoscopes are a very common thing I have noticed in people. The other day, in the train I saw this college girl who got on the train with me and jumped for a seat was actually keen to open the newspaper to read her horoscope. The horoscopes usually have all – ‘the flowery and sugary things’ in it. No wonder, we love it so much.

Well the fact is so bad that I was at one point of time totally addicted to it and thought that all the horoscopes are so true unless one of my love horoscopes was a big time failure. From that day, I read it and when the exact opposite happens – I laugh at it and myself! I have learned one thing for sure; our present is in our hands.


I haven’t seen the future, so I don’t know about it but about the present, I am seeing it right now. And this is something I have to enjoy and live to the fullest because kya pata Kal Ho Na Ho…




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