Marriage Again it is…

Marriage again it is! Why is marrying the RIGHT person so important in life! I am just an average student who is striving hard to earn a living and complete my masters. At this stage marriage is more or less like an emotional bond. My maternal aunts are searching for a nice Bengali Brahmin guy for me! They also gave me an option to do a love marriage if the guy is BENGALI BRAHMIN…


My goodness! This is how I will fall in love according to them.


Me: hi, are you single?

Guy: Yes (smiles)

Me: (with a relief) Nice… Are you Bengali?

Guy: Yes!

Me: Are you a Brahmin?

Guy: Yes!

Me: Are you working?

Guy: Yes.

Me: Great! I Love You…


Just imagine if such a conversation would have been the first love conversations then there wouldn’t have been something known as inter-caste marriage. My aunts think, falling in love is easy! Well if it would have been this easy then there wouldn’t have been so many single people right now in the world.


I have got no issues with the term of marriage but I don’t like people who marry due to force. Let one marry when they want to…


Now talking of Arranged Marriages – this makes me imagine one of those marriages, where the guy and the girls looks at each other after the marriage! I know it’s not the truth but come-on, not everyone is into Arrange marriage! My aunts keep on telling me and giving me the free gyaan to marry a Bengali guy.

Then they think I am a rebel because I say NO and tell them that I have got a plan in life! My life hasn’t started yet! I have to have that big amount coming into my account every month, a house which would be registered under my name and a job that I love. I want to decorate my own house where I will live with my mother. I want to taste each and every food in the world. I want to learn Spanish. I want to complete my PHD. I want to be known. I want people to know me by MY name and not by my Father’s name. I want to give all those luxury to my mother that she has been dreaming of. I know it’s a big plan but it’s not impossible.



I want to fall in love with the person who would just tell me, ‘Baby, don’t worry, I am not like your father.’ That’s it! Not too much to ask for, is it?


Marriage! Well my not-so-favorite aunty happen to contact an engineer guy from Navi Mumbai, who is a Mukherjee (Bengali Brahmin!) and has a house of his own. His sister is already married and is in London. Mother is a professor of Psychology at some college in Mumbai while his father is in a top position in some IT firm. My aunt says: ‘Aisa rishta roz-roz nahi aata!’ this is indeed true. But marrying just for the sake of marrying, doesn’t mean anything to me. I know the way I am behaving at the moment, one can call me a HYPER! But from my point of view I just feel that, being just 22 and achieved nothing in life yet is like miserable. Marriage means taking care of a new family and a new person in one’s life, but the fact is, I am still unable to take care of my own life.

So for now, I am glad that this Navi Mumbai Enginner guy would not be my dinner topic as my aunts have all gone to Vaishno Devi Temple. But after a week, I am sure I have to be rude to them and tell them again – THAT I AM NOT INTERESTED!


7 thoughts on “Marriage Again it is…

  1. You have an excellent attitude. Each person needs to make their own way. Your aunts have your interests at heart, I am sure, but in the modern world, it is dangerous to become too dependent on another person. You need to have your own career in place. Your plan is sound and stick with it!


  2. Oh Loved this Ashmita! Like a déja vu… ‘Bengali Brahmin’ & ‘They also gave me an option to do a love marriage if the guy is BENGALI BRAHMIN’ – so typical. I like your attitude. I respect your ambitions. Felt like I was reading my own thoughts…

    But but but, it can also be that this engineer guy from Navi Mumbai can give you more freedom to be yourself than you have ever been. So don’t be rigid on that.

    If you still want – pass me his email Id – I’ll post him the link to your article:)


  3. LMAO!!! tooo good. My granny had this similar attitude… she read through the morning sunday matrimonial papers and announce to everybody that she likes a 35 year old man for me who is earning some 5k yearly… DAMN :|…she tried knotting me to a haggard.. (sorry but I am a child to a 35 year old man).. she stopped since the day we played a nasty prank on her… :))


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