Simple but Elegant!

Today, while I was returning back from a small workshop, I saw this lady with a collection of bangles that she was selling. She had a variety of them, but unluckily I didn’t have my camera to click her collection. But I did purchase a pair of bangles from her, though I know, I won’t wear them except for today. But buying something that I love and is affordable enough, isn’t a bad deal, is it?


The girls were just speechless when they looked at her collection. Everyone, including me, wanted to buy all the stuff she had. I was totally confused about what to purchase? But then someone just threw a pair of bangles in the box. I looked at it and told myself: ‘WOW! Mita, now that’s the first piece of your ‘The Lust List’…’ yes I had complete Lust in me for those bangles…


It’s very simple and that’s the beauty of it. It is 200% fake and artificial. It has got nothing to give a second look at, but trust me it just caught my attention. I am thankful to that girl who just threw it in the box. I took the bangles in my hands and prayed to God: ‘Thakurr… please! This should fit me’ (- usually, bangles don’t fit me because my hands are too strong!) and  the moment I tried it in, to my surprise, it fitted me right!


I decided to buy it at whatever cost she sold it after a bit of trying myself at bargaining. When I asked her the rate she said, “Madam 50 Rs.” I looked at her and then at the bangle and then again at her and told her, ‘Thoda to less Karo!’ she looked at me and asked, ‘tum Kitna Dega?’ I looked at her and said, ‘main bolungi toh aapko gussa aayega!’ she looked at me while counting the change the lady opposite to me just gave her and said, ‘bola madam, jamega to haa bol Dega…’ I looked at her and said the exact half amount (this is one trick my mom taught me. While bargaining, just give the exact half amount and then they go a bit more less than the price they first said). She looked at me and said, ‘Haan theek hai’. I looked at the bangle again and gave her the Twenty five Bucks and had a smile on my face the whole time. The girl who threw it in the box looked at me, as if I stole something that was hers! I looked at her and gave one of those ATTITUDE looks of mine and then turned my heads outside the window…


I was excited and started clicking its pictures the moment I came back home…


So here begins my The Lust List… yayyy!









2 thoughts on “Simple but Elegant!

  1. You must start writing in a manner of short stories Ashmita…

    There’s a rhythm as well some liberating randomness to your writing – this post is very nice – simple yet real. Considering that the bangle brought you so much smile, maybe you could at some later time just give the bangle-seller some little money – cost of your happiness that came free with the bangle. BTW, the bangle is very pretty!


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