Ekla Cholo Re…

Music has always been tremendously close to me. I wish I could sing too. My dad had a nice voice. I guess in this aspect I am like my MA. I am the worst bathroom singer. My ma yells, when I sing in the bathroom (yes I do sing in the bathroom! Big deal! Everyone does!)


Though I can’t sing or understand the technicalities of a song but all I understand is a melodious voice and meaningful music. My ma, always asked me to listen to Bengali music, but I have been a spoilt child in this matter. I listened to music, that I loved.

My brother on the other hand is very fond of Bengali music but yes if given a choice to him, he would choose Linkin Park over anything else (yeah he is still in the Linkin Park Period!) anyway. I love my music to be soft when I am happy and loud music when I am sad (I am the anti-clockwise person!)


I believe that two persons have something known as ‘Our Song’. ‘Our Song’ is nothing but a song that is close to two people and they cheer up when they listen to that particular song. Just like for me and Shrabani, my best friend it is, ‘Yeh jo Mohobat Hai’… reason being – I guess because we both are ‘emotionally unavailable’ and ‘damaged’ and also because we love ‘Kishore Kumar’.



Also one of my favorite is the song by 3 Doors Down – Here Without You. Umm, the only reason for this song to be one of my favorites is because it is liked by a guy whom I used to like a lot (I guess, I still like him anyway!)



Now me and my brother, don’t have  any song as Our Song but for me and my mother, the ‘Our Song’ is ‘Meri Maa’ from the movie Dasvidaniya. Me and my father never had a our song too… Hmm!



Now what makes me to write about songs and share so many videos. Well its just that I was in a very musical mood today. My morning begun with the latest songs – ‘Mukhtasar’ and ‘Pareshaan’ from the movies ‘Teri Meri Kahaani’ and  ‘Ishakzaade’  respectively… so my morning was quite musical as I said…




And once I begun with all the vegetable cutting and cooking breakfast I was back to my all time favorite which is ‘Jimmy Eat World’s’ ‘The Concept’… so in all the super duper musical morning mood of mine I had a small fight with my mom (Details not to be shared!) and once I was done with all my work, I went to the bedroom (crying obviously… come-on I had a fight!) and I played The Concept again, but once it was over the next song was played on my mobile and I just kept listening to it. That was when I knew that just like Our song there is something more important which is the MY SONG. Now I have got many MY SONGS (depending on my moods) but this song not only helped me cheer up my mood but also put me to a nice and calm sleep.


Well the song is ‘Ekla Cholo re’ which was written by  Gurudev (Rabindra Nath Tagore) and the Kishore Kumar version of Ekla Cholo re is just mesmerizing. Recently, many of you might have heard this song in the movie ‘Kahaani’ sung by Amitabh Bachchan. Bachchan has sung it very well but I personally like the Kishore Kumar version of it.



So this song started playing and I was listening to it again and again (I changed the mobile’s music player settings to REPEAT SONG). The song is actually a patriotic song, but gain its all about freedom. So I was just in the trance mode while listening to this song and I didn’t realize when I went to sleep. So now I know that this Bengali song is MY SONG. This song makes me happy. this song just tells us to be yourself, no matter what!

So guys try to know your song and also the Our song with your loved ones. Trust me, music is a a nice getaway from all your troubles.


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