Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused



So I finally found the Weekly Photo challenge. I am so happy…


So about the Weekly Photo Challenge of this week is Unfocused! This photo was taken by me while walking. This man is just another man on the streets of Mumbai, who has just come from work… all tired… he must’ve traveled 2 hours in the Mumbai Local Train and is saving money of the rickshaw and hence is walking and not hiring a rickshaw. The picture was indeed a mistake, I wanted a clearer view but couldn’t was I was walking and so was he. But yes, the weekly challenge has some place for this photo too…


Keep clicking… keep posting!


24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

  1. I had seen this – but there was no link to your name. Very lyrical pic. Can feel the man’s tiredness at the same time the very busy Mumbai city at the background. Keep going Asmita:)


  2. He walks with his head held low,
    perhaps a bad day at work.
    Dragging his feet back home,
    sad and disgusted he kicks the dirt.

    No mood for hiring a taxi,
    the walk alone will do.
    for this solace is much needed,
    to forget a thing or two.

    the wife mustve prepared dinner,
    and with that a few complaints too.
    the later the better, he says
    for days he’s craved for something new.

    The same old routine,
    home to office and back.
    hoping for an exit,
    from this eternal boredom’s grasp.


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