30/04/2012 means a lot

I completed 3 months being unemployed… not a good thing to hear and this will also affect my Resume but – the last three months was fun. Because I now know, what I want, kind of… whatever… I really wish I knew what I want from life. It’s not just my story but I guess many women like me would think the same thing. Most of us don’t know what they want. People around me, who are not my friends call me Miserable because I am cranky and crazy all the time, but my best friend and other friends think I am not miserable but just confused.


I know I am so confused in life that I order butter chicken in the hotel and then look at the next table and wonder, ‘Shit man! I think I want what she is eating!’ never mind… I know how confused I am and I am glad that people who mean a lot to me understand me and can manage me being confused.


What makes me write this? Nothing! It’s just another night I can see and can hear the birds chirping (I guess they just woke up) ahh well, the world’s morning is my night… I did nothing last night… nothing! Unfortunately I had guests at my place, and couldn’t ask them not to come because my cousin and his wife had come all the way from Dubai to meet everyone… well second visit in a year! Anyway…


So today is 30th April, 2012… what’s so special about this day? Well this is the day when I have completed 3 whole months of utter miserable-ness and unemployed life…  (I wonder if miserable-ness is a word… Never mind.) It is also the day where a very recent crush or guy of mine is getting married to someone from his VILLAGE! I know its mean to stress on the word village! But come-on, I have got all the rights to be mean! A week before I was in deep depression mode having chocolates and ice creams and watching all the movies I have got in my folder, the level of depression had increased to the state where Thumbs Up had become my Water… yeah right! That’s BAD!



Best part was I didn’t know then the reason for the depression… umm… I still don’t know… but I guess the wedding of my Trainer could be the reason…? Naah! I don’t know! Anyway, as they say ‘it’s useless crying over spilled milk…’


Relationships! I really wish what were they? I mean yeah I do have a special relationship with my ma and bhai and friends and best friend but the relationship I am confused about, is different… well whatever… I am keen on writing the next post, so just ending this on an incomplete note!




4 thoughts on “30/04/2012 means a lot

    1. as they say- too much of anything is bad! thts the case with me…. too much of leisure time at home is turning out to be bad i guess! 😛


  1. I hope you’re feeling a little better now with your job. (i’m reading posts down my blog reader, lol). It sucks when you like someone and see them move on without you. You’re right though, there are plenty more fish in the sea! We’re young and relatively free, these should be the best years of our lives (so I’ve been told), but it is easy to get bogged down with all the career planning and decision making you suddenly have to start making. Hang in there. 🙂


    1. ohh well! i dont have a new job yet! still lining up some good jobs for myself! n yes u r so right about we are young and free, but i guess the younger we are, the more problems we have!


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