Normal Sleeping Hours

After getting what people call as ‘night sleep’ after so many days, I got up at 5 in the morning (the time I usually went to sleep). My ma was super excited about the fact that I slept at a human time and not a ‘BPO employee’ time. Well, since the day I started working for a BPO my ma used to differentiate the human race into TWO – Normal Human Beings and BPO Employees. Not her fault, while working in an International BPO I had become one hell of aFirang as my bhai and ma used to call me. I used to talk in English at home when the others were talking in Hindi or Bengali. My eating habits had changed from Desi to Angrez, I chose Bread over Rotis…


I always was fascinated to work with an International BPO to see what is it like? I had heard people say, ‘working in a BPO is easy’ well to that I would now say: ‘getting through a BPO is easy but working isn’t an easy task.’ The nine months I spent in the BPO industry was a mixed feeling for me. Leaving the BPO industry wasn’t an easy task but every addiction should be taken care of right? Working for a BPO was more of an addiction – not an addiction to work but an addiction to get more money and have the best standard of living.


While working in a BPO, I realized I am so not made for monotonous jobs. Taking same type of calls every day and following same procedures every day wasn’t my cup of tea. I got bored with the BPO industry pretty much sooner than I thought I would.  I guess I am going back to my Roti days again. But sleeping at night? I doubt. Never mind!



5 thoughts on “Normal Sleeping Hours

  1. Your mom is right there are two kinds, one who work in BPO and then the other Normal people 😆
    what a fun post..and yes BPO people are “Ingrej” lok..eke baare bread ar cake… rooti bhaat bhoole geche..kemon bangali 😆


  2. I would love to have my regular sleeping hours back. It doesn’t matter what time of night or morning I go to bed, i will, without fail wake up at about 8:00 am. I went to bed at 5 this morning, woke up at 8:00 am.

    Congratulations on your refound “normal” sleeping hours 🙂


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