It’s all about Eggs and Chickens!

So the biggest confusion that still prevails in me is, “how do I like my eggs?” hmm well, if you think you have heard this somewhere before, then BINGO – you are right! It was constantly asked by Richard Gere to Julia Roberts in The Runaway Bride. So I have been trying to find still how do I like my eggs?


Funniest part is – I like all the forms of egg. I love a rich omlette, a recipe disclosed by my Dida (maternal grand mum) with potatoes, onions, green chilies and fresh coriander in it. I also love the ‘my version’ of omlette with lots of green chilies, black pepper (grounded) and lots of cheese in it. My favorite Sunday morning breakfast is a half fry with 4 bread slices. I can just consume eggs on a daily basis! I mean come-on it’s just an egg!

I still remember the advertisement that used to be shown once upon a time, ‘Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khaao ande!’ I used to look at my father with a puppy face and he would just nod his head and tell mom to give me an extra egg in the meal. But the point is I never knew what kind of eggs I really love. I just know that I love eggs, and being a foodie, this is so obvious.


Once my cousin asked me, “you’ll have egg?” I nodded my head in agreement and was waiting for a nice rich omlette but got a scrambled egg with few green chilies and a bit of pepper powder in it. I was not expecting a scrambled egg. But I thought It was my fault as I never told him how I want my egg (As if I know! how I like my eggs?).

I love food in all its form and so I can never decide what my favorite form of it is. For example, I love the Rui maacher jhol the way my mom cooks it, but that doesn’t mean that I would just have my mom’s version of it. I love the fish even when it is nicely fried (I love fried Rui Maach with hot Khichadi!)


Egg is like a universal food for me. I know I will get it anywhere I go. I remember, when I used to work in the BPO, there was a man selling ANDA PAV outside the office. I and my best friend used to love it. After egg, the most universal food for me is Chicken. I bet I would get it everywhere I go. Again, with chicken, I never could figure out, how I want my chicken? I love making a quick chicken fry when I am watching TV and really hungry. I love to make chicken curry in the typical CHATTERJEE KHANDAAN style (the way my entire family makes it) chicken is just the next quickie for me.

Ahh well the confusion still prevails, but the best thing is, I have got no typical types that I love when it comes to food, anything that looks good, smells good and tastes good has to be on my plate! Well I guess, this is what it takes to be a foodie! 😛


3 thoughts on “It’s all about Eggs and Chickens!

  1. I love eggs, scrambled,boiled,dimer jhol,dimer kosha..every way and anyway …its literally sunday ho ya monday main toh khau ande here…if fact my hubby tells me the poultry industry will never have a bad day cos they have me…..egg, chicken,meat…yum yum…Ashmita i had three egg omlette in the morning and want to have sure if and when i die i will go to hell for gluttony and of course slothism and….oh what the hell i am going there..period…
    See what you made me do with this post…yum yum and drooling over the pics and that murgir kalila …drooooooooooooool


    1. hehehhe! 🙂 i knw eggs are like EGGS! i mean i cant survive if i see no eggs in my fridge… i hav 2 go rushing to the ande wala uncle to buy eggs the moment i can see just 4 eggs remainin! 😛


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