Another Food Swing!

I was been told that the sudden urge to eat anything is mostly seen in pregnant women. Pregnant women have the urge to eat something specific at any hour of the day. I am not pregnant (very much sure of it!) but still at 02:55 am I am having the urge to eat Chocó Almond from Natural Icecreams. I am almost craving for it big time. It’s not 12:00 that I can go to my nearest Natural Ice Creams to grab a big tub of Chocó Almond! But I am just going crazy.



Why does it usually happen with us that when something is unapproachable we crave for it more! In fact while just typing all this, I just realized that I have got multiple cravings at the moment! I want to have KFC’s hot wings and Chocó Almond… hmmm!

As no option left, I have to cool my urges for hot wings and Chocó Almond and have to live on Curd and Sugar… hmm!


I wish I was pregnant! At least my husband would have taken me to some ice cream shop in the middle of the night! I mean, Saif did that for Priety, didn’t he? I mean in the movie Salaam Namaste!





Unfortunately I love all unrealistic things. The stories I write are UNREALISTIC. The qualities of my Mr. Imperfect are UNREALISTIC. The dreams I see are UNREALISTIC. The movies I love to watch are UNREALISTIC. But what is the fun in life if things would be so REALISTIC! Naah! I like this UNREALISTIC version! i guess i just had another Food-SwinG! ahh! anyway!


Well I guess I would just get back to my sugar and curd!!!




4 thoughts on “Another Food Swing!

  1. Haha. I always have these cravings too, even though I’m not pregnant. My most recent craving came in the form of a potato soufflé. I was at work, and then suddenly, “Oh god I want soufflé.” So very random… and I still haven’t managed to satisfy it. =[


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