Un – Popular By Choice!

When someone asks me: ‘if you get a chance to go back in time, what would you want to do?’ I never answer to this question. I have heard many people say that they want to go back to school and cherish their school days again! Phew! Well I would never want to go back in time and do anything and SCHOOL is the last thing I want to go back to. The only one thing I loved even back then in school was English Essay Writing Competition! That’s the only one thing I loved.



The thought of going back to school actually scares me. I don’t want those Algebra sums that had once become a nightmare, nor do I want those remembering of Chronological Orders of History’s Dates. Neither do I want those waking up in the early morning and leaving home even on 15th August and 26th January. Many of my friends actually attends the reunion of school. The moment I get the invitation, I dump it with other papers in my house, so that my mother doesn’t see it and then emotionally blackmail me to visit the school for a reunion that takes place in every year! Come-on! Reunions are meant to be for 10 years, isn’t it? Well maybe not! But still! 1 YEAR! Every year there’s an invitation for school reunion – that’s very funny!


Re-Union! Every Year?

The fact is the moment I see a friend from school in the train or at the platform or in the market, trust me; I manage to fake a smile. And I curse myself to even flash a smile because that results in 30 minutes of talk which is of no news. I don’t understand why my school mates actually attend or even organize a reunion, when most of them are in touch on daily basis through BBM or WhatsApp? They spend weekends together in McDonald’s or Café Coffee Day. How does it even matter to them if a reunion is arranged or no? I mean, the people who attend the reunion every year are the people who just meet each other after college everyday or after work every day or just went shopping together! GOD! Reunions are supposed to be arranged for people who have not met in years! It’s a RE- UNION for God’s Sake! But my school mates have re-union every year, they upload pictures of the reunion every year on Facebook – and what’s common in the pictures? The faces! It’s the damn same people meeting every day and on the day of the reunion, girl just apply a little more Lipstick while guys where a tie, that’s the only difference!

Funniest part is if I am online at the time when the reunion is going on, I find half the crowd updating their status on Facebook saying ‘Attending School Re-union! What fun it is! Yayyy! ’ everyone has a similar status with a LAUGH emoticon. Ohh! And if someone by chance happens to see me online, they would tag me in their status saying, ‘Missing you Ashmita… hope you were here!’ God! The only reason my school mates are on my Facebook is because they were once my SCHOOL MATES! I never talk to them! Talk to some though, but it’s just a normal ‘hi! Hello! How are you?’ that’s it!



 Famous Father

Apart from the formal re-union that my school arranges, the popular students arrange unofficial re-unions almost every month that would be McDonald’s or Café Coffee Day.  Ahh! Well I know there are some people who always want to be friends with their school mates, because school is the place where a person spends most of his student life! But that often? My mom believes that I should go to meet my school friends and all I can’t understand is WHY? I was the most unpopular student in my school! The only reason my teachers and my principal and the students knew me was because my father used to organize FREE MAGIC SHOW and ORCHESTRA for every FUNCTION in my SCHOOL!  He also used to give those FANCY DRESS COSTUMES to the children at half the rate.

Well one more reason for me to hate school was after winning the first prize in FANCY DRESS COMPETITIONS– 2 years in a row, my father DECIDED that I won’t participate any more in the FANCY DRESS COMPETITION. My father was the owner of the only fancy dress shop then and it was quite obvious that I would be the best, because I had the best costume, but what the teachers and my father didn’t understand was the PERFORMANCE! I was and still am a performer! Just by wearing a Subhash Chandra Bose outfit didn’t make me Subhash Chandra Bose, but I acted to be Subhash Chandra Bose! I actually the reason the teachers were partial during the FANCY DRESS COMPETITION because I was the future owner of the family business! I hated being given the first prize for the costume and family business; I wished they saw the performance I gave. Well, finally the Egoistical father of mine decided, “from this year, Mita won’t participate in the FANCY DRESS COMPETITION” and yes it was decision to be followed!



Birthday in School? what’s That?

I actually wanted to be so unpopular that at times when there were new teachers in the school and they asked me in recess ‘who was the daughter of Mr. Chatterjee (as the name says, that’s my father)?’ I used to look at them as if I don’t understand their question that well and ran to my bench to eat my lunch.  Another reason for me to not like my school was the month of April! Ahh! This is my birthday month and every year on my birthday I had FINAL EXAMS, which means not wearing the new dress in school, distributing chocolates-not possible and no one singing ‘Happy Birthday To You’ for me!  Ahh! Pathetic it was to wear that same White uniform of mine even on my birthday and once the day at school was over giving exams, I would have to go home and then study for the next exam. I wonder why and how every year on my birthday I had Marathi Exam? Well anyway! How does that matter?


Crush That was CrushED!

By the time I was in my teenage that was when I was in standard Ninth, and had those hormones changing and had those crushes, I realized how ‘popularly unpopular’ I was.  I hated the PT lecture because they made me play volley ball, basket ball, kho-kho and kabaddi! I was a nice fat girl who hated outdoor sports even then. And the guy I had a crush on was the most popular guy in the school because he was the Football champ. Hmm! I still remember how cute he used to look when all tired after playing the game. Ah! But unfortunately the only time he used to speak to me was either if he wanted my English notes or he wants a discount from my father for a party that he wants to organize by giving the party contract to my father, the then best event management wala too! I used to talk to my father and had given him all the discounts he needed. If I would pester more, maybe my father would’ve arranged the party for free. But Thank God I never did that! After, all those goodwill gestures by me rather by my father, he just gave me those cute smiles. Well, maybe it was because I was so cute and fat then and also the girl who was unpopular by choice. This cute guy, who never spoke to me unless he needed a favor, is now on my Facebook profile who keeps on sending me ‘Hi’ even when I am offline! What an Achievement! I guess those little fats that have gone in years is working on him! But unfortunately as time passed by, I have been interested in those stubble guys with a little fat on their bodies, and this Football cutie is still a CUTIE! Well bad for him I guess!


Lose Weight – Never!

I remember, my girl school mates always used to tell me to lose weight and then I will get all the attention! I believed then and even now, ‘what’s the use of losing weight!’ I love being OVER HEALTHY. I love to eat every junk food in my area and every delicious dish on the menu! I love to make a triple egged omlette in my breakfast and a big mug of coffee with lots of milk in it before I go to sleep. I am sweet tooth who eats sweets and chocolates when I am depressed, sad or happy. I have been hearing the same advice from all the girl friends then, LOSE WEIGHT! I think it happens when it has to happen! I lost weight in the last 7 years but I am still OVER HEALTHY and CUTE, I believe!


So I guess these reasons are enough for me to – not go back in time to live my school days again! Because no matter what I can’t change my birthday being in the month of exams – oh sorry I meant April, nor can I change the fact that my father was a well known Event Management guy. Orchestra Man and Fancy Dress shop owner! So instead of going back in time and changing all of those I would just be in the present because this is the life I just love, with real friends who care – or should I say A BEST FRIEND WHO CARES… people who accepts me as a cute healthy foodie and an overly obsessed blogger! I am happy with this PRESENT and wouldn’t want to change anything from the past, because – Who cares, what the past was all about when you have a splendid Present!


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