The Ultimate Foodie!

So today I came across this new blog known as IshitaUnblogged. Now this blog is something I have been looking on for some months now. Well actually it’s about some real Bengali food with fusion. Ahh! And the photography is simply amazing! My mouth was watering all the time I was looking at the pictures of Rosogulla’s and other Bengali sweets. Hmmm! I am so craving for some Bengali sweets! If any of my relatives in Kolkata are reading this, then: “Kaka-s, mama-s, maami-s, kaki-s, dada-s or didi-s, please send me some AUTHENTIC BENGALI SWEETS!” 😛


While talking to the writer of the blog I was constantly thinking of food and food! So today’s post is strictly dedicated to food and a bong’s craving for it. Well I am not sure of all the bongs but me, my best friend Shrabani and a friend who is a non-bong but knows more than any bong Navin is fanatical about bong food, actually any kind of food. We are actually foodies!  Yes, we bongs love food. No matter by what topic our conversations begin but it has to end with FOOD. I still remember, when I was working in a BPO with the two foodies mentioned above, and if it was a dull day as in ‘no calls’ (technically not a dull day but a very happy day!) we spoke about food! We spoke about how appetizing  Biryanis, Rosogulla, or Aaloo Bhaajas (fried potatoes) are!



We, three used to Google about food, look at the pictures and get tempted all the time while taking calls. Yeah this is how we Bengalis are. Well this is actually nothing when it comes to being a foodie! The point is all the Bengali families I know are big time foodies! I guess it’s in the bong genes!



I remember, once when my dad planned a trip to Goa, I was just 9 year old, I guess! He came home saying, “so the tickets are booked! A week from now! Go Goa!” he was very excited, so was my mom and my Dida (Maternal Grandma). My brother was too young to understand anything and I wasn’t that big enough but I was big enough to know what my culinary buds would taste this time. So I asked my father, “Papa! What is the food we get in Goa” I certainly don’t remember the answer and have this blurred memory of GOA! But the point in the incident mentioned is that we bongs are foodies since we are too young.


My mom tells me when my entire family (it was a joined family then with my Dadu, Thamma, Jethu and Bodo Ma and obviously my parents) used to sit for dinner, I used to go to everyone and ask them to feed me from their plate. God! I was mess even then! Anyway! So you see how foodie we are! In fact I and my cousin sister used to steal those Korola Bhaajas (Bitter Gourd fry) and Maach Bhaajas from the kitchen made by my Thamma (Paternal Grandma)!



In fact we cousins are a kitchen mess when it comes to a get together! Trust me, we fight for cooking up the best we can! But eventually the eldest cousin distributes the kitchen work among all the cousins. We cook, eat and drink like mad people! Well in this paragraph all the cousins are my maternal cousins! My paternal cousin’s think I am a SAINT, except for my only cousin sister, they all think I don’t know what beer is! So my maternal cousins are a group of boys when it comes to eating, drinking and partying. My cousin sister from the maternal clan doesn’t DRINK! So she doesn’t party with us when we have the beers flowing! Anyway, so these group of male cousins when decides to drink the first think all of us are worried about what about the food? What are we suppose to do – order or cook? If we order, we make a list on a sheet of paper and if we decide to stay in the kitchen, we again make a list of things we need from out. It’s fun, hectic but again, when there’s food it’s all good! So it’s again food that we are worried about!


The best quality about me and all the foodies in my life is that the moment a vacation is decided the first thing we do is take out our mobile phones, go to Google and try to know about the culinary culture of that particular place. We’re absolute foodies and trust me, I am not ashamed of those extra fats that I have, and it’s kind of a symbol of being a foodie in my family! But yes I am certainly jealous of Shrabani and Navin who are well shaped and yet a foodie! Hate you guys for this! But yes love you guys for being the best foodie friends I have ever got! And a special thanks to Shrabani because, she has been a partner in crime. She has supported me for all those ‘food swings’ I used to get. I used to crave for the roadside Idlis and Sambhars and she always was there with me in the hunt! And Navin, I thank you for those ‘food talks’ we had back at the office!



Many of my cousins are too inclined towards the bong food. I love it but I do love all kind of food! I love the Punjabis for their perfect meal on a beer night – Butter Chicken and Butter Naan. I love the Gujaratis for those exam snacks – Dhoklas. I love the Muslims for that lovely Biryani I share with no one. I love the South Indians for that typical family meal – Sambhar Rice! And I love the Bengalis for those sweets I have consumed over years that has made me a Sweet Tooth! Well I am being biased to food! I am the kind who doesn’t go out on a proper date with a guy because he didn’t choose a food joint for a date! Yeah, I mean FOOD – isn’t that necessary?



Food! Well the word itself makes me hungry. Ahh! You know what! I can write more 1000 words on it, but it’s almost 05:00 here… yes MORNING 05:00! So I should better go and grab some quick sleep!



Well friends – keep eating, cooking, eating and blogging!


7 thoughts on “The Ultimate Foodie!

  1. Hey! Thanks for the link 🙂

    I totally get what you’re saying… being a foodie myself, I know how big a contributing factor food is to many of the decisions in life… LOL

    I have very refined tastebuds and love my food to taste good. I don’t even go to a multiplex if the popcorn is not up to mark, or if the variety of snacks aren’t great!

    When I hang out with friends, its always a food joint. And all special occasions in the family are celebrated in my favorite restaurant!


  2. Honoured Madam Chatterjee! So did you manage to run to the Bengali Sweet today morning? I’m still waiting for commission from them! BTW, I think I’ll borrow your vocabulary – ‘kitchen mess’ one of these days – that is what is called inspiration!


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