Mourning Morning!

The moment you get up in the Morning with an irritation, because people around you make noise as if there is some procession going on. You wake up with those eyebrows joined, tying your messy hair up and searching for your specs and realize the entire noise was nothing but talking of the only TWO family members present in your home. They were talking loudly so that the last person to get up gets up!


And yes, they did succeed. So after the most tiring and lazy walk, I finally reach my kitchen to see what’s all the chaos about? And realized that yes it was just the weekend alarm of The Chatterjee House, so that the most lazy and darling Mita (duh! That’s me!), Wakes up. So after their immense attempt to wake me up (which they say was from the last TWO hours) was accomplished!


So while having my breakfast and watching some repeat telecast of ‘Bade ache lagte hain…’ my brother and mother, one after the other were asking me to read the newspaper! I wondered what is so special about the newspaper. I would read it, when I want to! But then my brother had to switch off the TV, which obviously resulted to me abusing him and then my mother gave me the newspaper and I was stunned! I wanted to laugh a lot but I couldn’t.


So the headlines was all about, salary decrement of all the Railway Employees. Now, my mother being an employee of Western Railway was highly disappointed and wanted me to read it so that I can get a job quickly to balance the loss in her salary! I made a neutral face and said, ‘I might take a job ASAP’ and went back to my breakfast.


So the whole point in typing the above 297 words was to discuss on how badly a ‘salary decrement’ affects a proud employee of the BIGGEST Employment generating sector. Whew! By the way it was the Bengali New Year yesterday, or should I say today? Well whatever it was on 14th April, and this news was like a shock. The matter of fact and astonishment was, my mom’s salary might decrease only by a few hundred! hahaha! I swear, I felt pity for her and realized how shameless I can be. I am a graduate, doing my masters and still happily unemployed! Freelancing doesn’t count right?


Ah! Well this was all about another Saturday morning which was more of a mourning day! also yeah, i tried to Google some picture for the post, but couldn’t find anything appropriate! so this post is picture-less!


3 thoughts on “Mourning Morning!

  1. Awwwwww i understand how your mom feels. Salary cut by even a few hundreds is enough to take away your happiness and it hits ur monthly budget like hell. Awwww i actually felt it was a stupid move to cut railways salary. Why not cut salary of these politicians…u know like save the water in the oceans instead of smaller ponds!!! (or vice-se-versa)


    1. exactly that was my take on it! instead of cutting the salary of railway employees who are more or less middle-class people they could’ve done some salary cut-off of the politicians who are getting more than lacs a month! well! central government can take the foolish of decisions!


  2. have they gone insane or what!! its like a big blow on face from a WWE star. my uncle’s also a railway employee. father of two, bro of 2 sis and being the only son of sick father, its gonna be hard to make ends meet..


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