The Story of Life!

Basically the problem is all the unavailable men are not only attracted to me but they are themselves attractive too… not all, but yeah some are pretty hot. Unfortunately guys who are extremely hot and well-behaved are either already married or getting married by the end of this month.


Men who are single are not ready for a commitment; men who want to get committed are really not eligible for the commitment, men who are eligible are not available for the commitment and men who are single, eligible and available for it DON’T EXIST!


God knows why I get attracted to men first, fall for them and then realize that they aren’t the ONE! Also realized another thing, that the type of guy I really want can’t be real… yes the type of guy I want is fake and just there in my dreams!  That’s the ugly truth. I am coping up with the fact that there is no knight in shining armor, not for me and Shrabani at least!

Wrong men get attracted as if I am a magnet! But unfortunately, they are WRONG MEN! They don’t want to be in a relationship. What makes them think that being in India I would be not interested in a relationship? I wonder, what’s going on in their mind!


Actually the point is i have never liked the Mr. Right! it has always been the Mr. Wrong for me! though i get many Mr. Wrongs but they are ethically wrong too!


There are men whom I am falling for but they are least interested in me! I guess the six-year friendship getting shattered is the reason for all my dumbness in this blog post! Well I guess I am legally depressed now! I guess what a guy told me once whom I turned down was correct! I live in the 70s! In some situation it’s a good thing but sometimes its nightmare! hmm mm what can i say now, ‘Mr. Wrong please be available for the most imperfect relationship with me!’ lol! naah!

Well people please excuse me for this post! But it was necessary! I haven’t written a single article for my freelance thing today! Well I guess everyone needs break from work! Ah! Back to my chips!!! You guys enjoy your weekend!


5 thoughts on “The Story of Life!

  1. It may also be a misperception that you have about men, I am sure you’ve had some bad experiences, but not all men can be pigeon holed in these ways. There can always be a fantasy of what could be, but that is not reality. Reality is that everyone has their flaws, even the knight in shining armor.


  2. I have long experience in this area and I have noticed that many really fine women are suckers for wrong guys. They always fall for the same ones. Don’t do this. There are some right guys out there, but there are more wrong ones. The wrong ones are always charming and good looking so beware.


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