Common Names, Leads to Stress!

I don’t know to call it fortunate or, unfortunate but most of the guys I’ve had in my life have very common names. There comes a time in your life when you know you are going to forget all the past flings, crushes or relationship and start over again, with someone who understands you or cares for you. When you are on that path of forgetting old flings, it’s frustrating to get a call from some old fling or see him in a bar or just hear or see his name around.

Argh! It makes me angry when I see common names all around me. Trust me the names are that common that even if I put the headphone on my ears and start listening to radio, two out of every ten callers on the radio station will have the names from the past. My name is one of the common names too but its only common in my locality, as one of the biggest builder has named his empire on my name! Not on my name, literally but fortunately or unfortunately his first wife and I share the same name!


The point is why the X-Men (EX-men) of my life have so-so-so common names? Most of the grocery stores at my locality have one of the most common names from the past! Hmmm actually there’s a bus service with another name, again too common. The fact is not only their first names but also their last names are very common for me to get over them! Not that I am love struck but yes these names at times HAUNT me! lol!

Anyway, it’s almost 04:30 in the morning and I am still awake! Maybe I’ll just say ‘good morning’ to mom today and make her some breakfast! So let’s get going to the kitchen and break some eggs and chop some onion… ahh omlette on the way I guess! 😉



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