You know what’s irritating? It’s irritating when a guy you want to forget comes back in your life. I know, no one wants it to happen, but something’s are not controlled by us.


When such a thing happens, it’s like what in the earth is wrong with this guy? It’s frustrating! And what’s more frustrating is that he remembers everything about you! Isn’t that irritating?


I know, this post is no worth a read but as someone once described my blog as a personal diary! So what else can you expect from a personal diary?


yeah its just a four lines post and i ain’t putting a picture on this one! i just hope the guys whom i want to dedicate this post to get the message quite well and just back off!!!


4 thoughts on “WHY?

  1. awwwww…

    Sometimes, i wonder what if i met Mr. Manhole if we ever met again…. i will probably kick him on his balls and walk away with no regrets.

    And I want that day to come soon(er).

    You Ignore HIM!!!


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