Good Writing, Bad Handwriting!

I tried writing the other day but it was difficult for me. Oh yeah I do write most of the time for my blog but I actually TYPE and I tried WRITING. I wrote a small story with the help of pen and paper. I realized my handwriting which was one of the best ones in school has become the worse one.

Imagine a student getting award for the best handwriting in school, can’t understand her own handwriting. Technology does have a bigger impact on us. I used to write the blog materials earlier when there was no emphasis on blogging websites, and then we used to call it PERSONAL DIARY!

Well about the other day, the moment I started writing with the pen, my hand trembled. My handwriting was pathetic. Basically the entire story was a mess because I couldn’t read a word. It was more or less like doctor’s prescription. I guess doing some real WRITING is necessary now.


4 thoughts on “Good Writing, Bad Handwriting!

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