Recently with the help of Shrabani I got a new channel on my TV – Comedy Central! The channel as the name says has only comedy shows. From ‘That 70s Show’ to Seinfeld and now the new show on the channel, which is not NEW actually but in India, yeah it is new – Awkward . It’s a teen drama and it is FUN.

The best thing about the show, she keeps blogging! Ahh! No wonder I like the show. She is been shown as a jerk, nerd, and INVISIBLE! Wow! That reminds me of the time when I was a teenager! Maybe it still prevails, whatever!


Jenna Hamilton, the character played by Ashley Rickards is just the story of all those teenage girls who go through a rough teenage. That typical crush on the most famous sports guy in the school, girls wearing short skirts bullying, etc… Etc! There are actually many teenagers out there who are still invisible in school or colleges, but why?


I remember my days in school and trust me I was invisible; rather I wanted to be invisible.  I spoke to hardly anyone and the guys I had a crush on were the football players and the head boys of my school. Obviously they didn’t care to look at me.

Fact: I wasn’t worth the look then!


I wish six years back when I was in school I had the guts to tell the guy I had a crush on. Well, maybe whatever happens happens for the best. Today, when I have comparatively changed from what I was in my school the guy I had a crush on has become worse.


I know, people think I am SAD even now! Well that’s the truth I am very sad. I hate socializing. I hate going to parties, I hate pubs (though I have been there just once), I hate asking out a guy for date, I hate dancing (rather I don’t know dancing! Whatever!), hmm basically my life is SAD but exciting! Uh!!! Who cares?

The point is I am happy with my so called sad life. I get guys who propose me even though I am not in a party or in a pub or socializing out there! Not bad, is it? Well everyone loves FREE HOME DELIVERY, right? Hmm so yeah even in my college I had the crush on the good looking guys who had the skinny perfect figured girls as their girlfriends but at least I knew I wasn’t THAT invisible in my college. I scored quite well enough to be noticed. Being the Class Representative makes a difference too.


And now, after leaving a nice salary job I feel “GOD I am not THAT INVISIBLE!” its fun to just flirt! Who needs something serious at this age? Ahh now I would say Awkward. Denial isn’t good, is it? Okay everyone needs that perfect guy in their life who would act imperfectly whenever with you. Jenna from the TV series wants the same thing. Or maybe girls like Jenna who are invisible most of the time, wants to be JUST VISIBLE!

Well guys, trust me the invisible girls, aren’t really invisible!




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