You were never worth my Mascara Running…

Aguilera in the music video for "You Lost...
Aguilera in the music video for "You Lost Me", the scene sees Aguilera in a dark charcoal filled room, crying with mascara running down her eyes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Guys feel extremely privileged when they know a girl has cried for them. Well I guess here I won’t discriminate but say that human beings feel privileged when they know their partner has cried for them. Ummm, human tendency I guess!


But I am the one who wants to write more in the genre of Chic Lit! So talking about girls crying for guys – The fact is yes we girls do cry when there is an end to a beautiful relationship not because we miss the guy but because we tend to get attached to every creature in the world. Yeah, we also cry when our neighbor’s parrot die! Exactly! That’s the point. We cry for every single and silly thing. So don’t be so happy to have many beers and party because a girl cried for you on the break-up.



If a guy breaks up with me, I will tell him just one truth – “you were never worth my mascara running” I am known as the ‘cry baby’ in my family. I cry for everything. Even today, at times I cry if my internet doesn’t work. Literally cry. But crying for a guy? Woaahhh! That’s a lot to ask from me!


In fact I think no girls should let the wonderful mascara flow down your cheeks for a guy who couldn’t know your value! So girls, who are going through a break up, get over it, apply some mascara and lipstick, take your mobile phone and enjoy yourself! They’re not worth your tears!


10 thoughts on “You were never worth my Mascara Running…

  1. I never want anyone to ever cry over me, the few times i have been guilty of making my woman cry over me, have been very painful to me, so I can imagine how the person crying feels. Love is about joy & pain but more joy than pain.


  2. Quite a unique title I should say…to the fact most of us already know…girls cry a lot….but all in all a good post..and “take your mobile phone and enjoy yourself” brought some weird ideas to my head…JK…


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