The Ongoing in a Writer’s Mind

Difficult was it to turn on the lights,

People would have seen the sadness in her eyes.

She tried to fight herself out of it,

But all she could do was question her wit.

Was she so vulnerable after all?

All she could do is, write on her Facebook wall.

Some read it, some liked it, few commented too,

All she thought is ‘did they understand it through?’

The same old thing she was writing,

Pretty girls, tough guys fighting,

Which lead to love eventually;

And she wrote all of that very sensually.

Even though people said, ‘it’s perfect’

But is this what she expects?

Writing have been her life, though

But the reaction she is waiting is for ‘Woahh!’

So after a few sleepless nights,

She decided to turn on the lights.

Asking herself, ‘what does she want?’

Fame, Best seller or just a nice story to flaunt?

Sitting in front of her computer,

Writing the story on her word processor,

She wants to do something unusual,

Still have the effect called casual!

So now she has turned on the lights,

Facing the world with her insights,

She’ll write what she feels good about,

Without having any doubt!

So why did I write this so-called-poem? Well I wish I knew why I wrote half the things I already wrote! As the poem says, I would write what makes me feel good. This indeed is the most immature poem written in a lifetime, but this makes me happy – very happy! So finally, Ashmita Chatterjee on a new venture on what to write?


10 thoughts on “The Ongoing in a Writer’s Mind

  1. My small part of life blends well with your words….. spectacular and lovely….
    Peace and Blessings…:)


  2. for me sis this is one of the sincere and true poem I ever read, most of the time we people face this kind of challenges not from others or from work but challenges came from us, from our self and this is the hardest one coz u need to find u’re inner self what are the things that make you happy because this is the only way u can achieved success, then add up a determination and perseverance to push through what ever it is…


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