5 reasons why you shouldn’t do Sexting!

No doubts that it’s one of the safest ways to have sex without literally having it!  But did you know in many countries Sexting is illegal and punishable for teens? What’s the big deal in sexting? Well it isn’t a big deal for the couple who has been in bed lately and wants to keep it interesting. But for my teenage friends who haven’t been laid yet and is going to try something called as sexting, because it is fun and safer, is a BIG DEAL!


It might just begin with a few ‘muahhh’ been exchanged and then thanks to our technology we have emoticons of a kiss and kiss with love too now-a-days! you are 21 and above and indulging yourself in sexting, cool its your life, but remember, in India even the rights to drink alcohol is for people above the age of 25! Hmmm! You do get the point now right!

Morally sexting is wrong. It seems safe to you but trust me, it’s the most dangerous way to have fun and fulfill your desires. There are people who share pictures while sexting. Damn! You show your face in it and tomorrow you’ll be on Google’sI’m feeling lucky’ well in reality you are so unlucky to be published on Google images with your cute face and the picture you sent to your partner!


Wow there is actually something known as sexting! There are sex chatting, sex texting and also sex whats-apping! Phew!!! And people are really very very very creative. Being creative is GOOD but being creative in a wrong way is not-that-good! I have actually seen teenagers today getting involved in sexting so much that they think that’s the real fun. Rather I guess schools are not giving the proper sex education needed! Or maybe the children today are more into the practical knowledge of doing things.

Trust me sexting is not for teenagers or first timers with strangers, it is for people who are going through a rough time in their relationship. Think again before going for Sexting!


Let’s have a quick   ‘5 reasons why you shouldn’t do Sexting!’


1. You’ve met this person on a social networking site or some dating site and getting yourself into dirty talking. Dude, maybe the person on the other end is just using you.


2. Sexting is more or less like a written proof of what you do under the bed sheets. Not happening!

3. As I said earlier, it is morally incorrect. You might be what 15 or 16, baby that’s not the age to try sexting. Rather just go for texting! discuss your football match with your friends or just discuss about how great was the Ashton Kutcher movie you saw the other day!


4. If you are in a relationship and texting with some third person. Ohhh my god! This could be the end of your relationship!

5. Have you sent a picture of your body part with your face on it? Don’t be shocked if tomorrow you see yourself tagged on Facebook or someone ‘tweeted’ your picture or even worse, you are on Google top search!




6 thoughts on “5 reasons why you shouldn’t do Sexting!

  1. Ashmita this is great information about sexting you should make a program ” why is sexting dangerous” and tell the many students around the world, it may help some of the students/people!.


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