Its not another CInderella Story?

I thought I wouldn’t write anything for a week or so, as I need to concentrate on the Maya story, but on one of my Facebook update, Neha my cousin/friend used a term that forced me to the blank MS Word page to scribble something on it.

What was it about? What did she say? Well she snatched my words… she said that she lives a fairytale life, and that’s what I think I do! I actually live in the fairytale life too. Thanks to Neha, I got the exact term that I was looking for, since ages!


So yeah I think I am living a fairytale story where everything being entirely imperfect would turn perfect one day and there would be a happily ever after… while I was just thinking a lot about the changes in my life and was getting paranoid, I decided to call Shrabani and just have a word with her! She is the verbal WordPress for me! so while talking she told me that the problem with us is we believe in something called as HAPPILY EVER AFTER… living a fairytale life or believing that there would be a happily ever after is nothing but senseless.


Though I wish life was like a fairytale. Everything bad and good but in the end there would be only good. I wish there was a happy ending to everything in life. When the heroine in a movie or a female character in a story is heartbroken, she is all strong to face it and eventually she is with the one she loves. But In reality, when we are heartbroken, we are weak, keep eating chocolates and listen to the best love songs ever! And fools like me, might even write a post on it! See here the post is!


No school, college or university teaches us how to be in the situation with broken heart. But human mind is smart enough and all we like is being like a fairytale story even when we are sad. All we do is pretend to be strong. But when no one is looking, we do cry.

The oh-so-perfect movies have taught me that when you are heartbroken and high with sorrows, you are suppose to eat chocolates, ice creams and watch romantic movies and cry for hours in your bed and then go to sleep! Well if I do any of these my mom will kill me for sure!


I am not heartbroken but it’s just that reality is bitter – and I have a sweet tooth! I always wished for that Prince Charming to come and take me away, though if today that happens, my mom would be making a police complaint – whatever! So as things from the fairytale stories and film cannot happen in real I decided to buy some chocolates and relish it because – REALITY SUCKS and life isn’t a fairytale!


31 thoughts on “Its not another CInderella Story?

      1. You know what….this is good Ashmita…it has that quality of making me want you to hurry up and write more so I can follow these two lovers.


                    1. I was a chef for 26 years….I love cooking, it relaxes me. I do my own house cleaning and laundry as well….and I iron my clothes. 😉


                    2. Good…impressing beautiful young ladies is a natural gift. But to be honest it is was my grandmother who taught me to do everything for myself, and never wait on anyone, including a woman, to take care of me.


                    3. I keep telling you young lady…start dating an older man in your area….one raised by his grandmother….who appreciates everything about you.


                    4. Yes…I suppose finding an older man who appreciates you, will take care of you, protect you, love you, and allow you to be yourself is a hard thing to find.

                      Too bad you are over there…I have the perfect man for you.


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