The Big CLash: Holi and Women’s day!


Women’s day and Holi lies on the same day! The festival of colors is one of the best festivals; this is what my friends and people around me say. I should be celebrating Holi like any other Hindu or Indian but as I am an anti-social person, I hate some random men in my society touching y cheeks and putting the colors on me. I am not against the festival, not at all, I love it because it’s a nice Hindu festival, but the only reason I don’t play Holi is because I am a lazy person, who doesn’t wish to go out of the house on a National Holiday just to get wet and get color all over and end of the day come home take a bath for the lifetime to take out those colors and then just eat the special food at home and have an afternoon nap! So not like me! As Holi is fortunately the national holiday, I get up late in the afternoon to find my house empty, as my mother and brother would be busy celebrating the festival.

The best thing about Holi I love is the jalebi and the bhang! Hmmm… another drawback of the festival is, this is the festival to welcome summer. Ohh I hate summers! Before the festival is celebrated in the morning with colors, the night before is celebrated burning Holi. I know you guys can just read Google and get some more information on Holi, and today’s post is not about the festival but it’s about how sad I am that Holi and women’s day are on the same date!

I didn’t know that Holi and women’s day fall on the same date, and hence I made plans of pampering myself. Unfortunately, my salon would be closed the ENTIRE DAY on the occasion of Holi! My salon lady just texted me, “Ma’am, your appointment for 8th March if carried forward on 9th March would be okay with you? We both didn’t notice the day you called for the appointment that 8th is Holi and my salon would be closed but your entire appointment can be shifted for the 9th or any date as per your wish. Please do let me know the date of your choice and I will schedule that for you. Happy Holi to you and your family. –Jabeens (L’Oreal)!”

What did I do? I had to text her back fixing the appointment for 10th and also wished her happy Holi but like any other woman I was sad. I thought of getting myself pampered on women’s day as a present to myself but… anyway, I was disappointed but was glad as well thinking that I will spend the entire day at home sleeping then struck to me – it’s Holi darling. Mom has a holiday! Which means more utensils to wash and more clothes with the added benefits of dusting and maybe even cooking? Gosh! All I can do is hope for a peaceful women’s day and Holi for me! Will certainly try to treat myself, if not with a chocolate facial then maybe a chocolate donut! 😛 so hoping to post about Holi err women’s day, rather both!

Happy Holi and Women’s Day to all of you!


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