So, What’s Next?

“So what’s next?” Umm yeah this is the most heard question these days for me. Since the last 1 month, everyone I meet asks me, “So what’s next?” this leads me to think as well. I left my oh-so-perfect-job almost a month ago and now when the entire one month has passed with me at home doing NOTHING but be on FacebookTwitter and but of course writing on WordPress all people ask me is what am I going to do with my life from now?


Entire one month passed by me telling them just one word to their monotonous question: REST!”



People who ask me this question in person, look at me when I give them my answer and laugh and say stop kidding! Come-on, I am not kidding with a serious face!


People who ask me this question on Facebook chat, sends me a ‘wink’ when I give them my reply to the same question. My answer to their question was: “REST!” Neither was a LOL associated with the ‘REST’ I wrote nor was a WINK!


People just cannot digest the fact that I am a very active person, who cannot sit in one place and do a monotonous work. Last one month was indeed a good one for me. Apart from putting on weight, I did watched many movies, became an addict to Mills and Boons (I must include an ‘AGAIN’, here!), Twitter became my technologically best friend and reading lame articles on Google was a part of the agenda as well.



Today in the world of increasing expenses, people can’t digest the fact that a graduate girl with good communication skills isn’t working. People who take me seriously and know that when I say I am resting for a while rather than working give me two reactions –


  •  The First Reaction


If such taking-me-serious kind of people is in person, then they are going to bombard me with their sweet advice in their not-so-sweet-voice, which isn’t an advice actually, it’s like slapping me one after the other! They do this because – they think I am lazy and don’t want to work! Well if these taking-me-serious kinds of people are on Facebook then, trust me they type so much, that they could just publish a new blog-post saying “Advice on Unemployment




This was the first reaction. The most common reaction that I get from the ‘one word answer’ to the ‘three word question with two punctuations’ in it! The second reaction that I get is,


  •  The Second Reaction

When I tell the taking-me-serious kind of people that I am resting for a while and not working anywhere, some of them are just opposite to the First Reaction. They are completely silent. If these taking-me-serious kinds of people are on Facebook, they just type: “OK” which means a lot than it is! We all know how many variations an OK can have! And this OK is usually in CAPS-LOCK! It’s like there is actually a volcanic eruption on the other end of the Facebook chat. And the taking-me-serious kind of people if in person then trust me their silence, kills me! These people make me ashamed of the fact that I am unemployed for a TEMPORARY BASIS. It’s like a Taboo!


I know, unemployment is nothing to flatter about but as I have said, I am a very ACTIVE person. If its work, it has to be creative and moving! So, I am apparently, still enjoying the reactions from people on my unemployment and still unemployed and not planning to get employed unless I get something extremely boring or exciting! It has to be EXTREMES!!! 😉


Till then guys, “So, what’s next?”


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