Are you reading?

I have been lately posting many blog-posts and hoping that He should read it! Is he reading it? Many people say that my blog is a personal diary, yes it is indeed. A very creative and passionate diary but not so personal! Imagine if there is so much passion in the public diary then what would be the level of passion in a personal diary?


The fact is I don’t have a personal diary. I used to have it, but it’s really better to keep things in your heart rather than your mom reading your diary when you are away. That’s embarrassing! Trust me!



So lately, I haven’t been dedicating blog posts to anyone but hoping that one particular guy would read it. Na-Na I don’t have any feelings for him just that he is a great follower of my blog and a good friend. He isn’t on WordPress to press the LIKE button, so that I’ll know that he is reading it, but he just reads it as and when he sees the posts on my Facebook wall.


I used to get comments from him verbally initially but now that’s not the case, can’t be for some reasons. But I would love to know if he’s been reading it lately!


I write the blog posts for myself and it’s a stress reliever. I know Shrabani reads it. I hope the people whom I send all the posts as Facebook mail, read it (really doesn’t matter if they don’t! :P) but about this particular guy I am so confused.



He is a mystery first of all. At times, he himself doesn’t know what he wants in life and he is the most confused person I have met. He is a sweet friend though. Well anyway! Still thinking what to post today! I am totally lazy and really don’t know what to do apart from the daily household chores… the only luxury I guess I have at the moment is reading Mills and Boons and listening to music!


Maybe I’ll just go back to reading! And yeah if YOU are reading it, “dude I really miss you and your verbal comments! Keep in touch!”


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