Yes a Slide-Show!


It was slideshow for me! well I was watching the serial ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hai’ and the main lead Ram Kapoor closed his eyes to see whom can he see, because as they say, if you see a person with closed eyes, you really love them.


I tried it and it was a slideshow for me! Oh yeah the exact Microsoft PowerPoint like slideshow. Had it all coming through. The faces were one after the other!

I realized it then that how many cute and hot guys were in my life! 😛 well jokes apart, but I really don’t think that this closing your eyes thing works at all. It didn’t work for me. I am sure many of you’ll reading this today would try it once, so just try closing your eyes and see whom can you see, whoever you see is the person you love a lot. Well people say this works. When I told my mom about my slideshow incident she exactly did the thing that you guys have… laughed out loud! Hmmm… well the fact is I did the same thing – yeah rite even I laughed on the slideshow thing but then I thought: “do I love all of them?” and I laughed even louder! 😀


I do not believe in LOVE! With experience I would say it’s nothing but making fool out of you. I remember my mom recently asked me if I love anyone or in any serious relationship. On my negative answers on both of them she told me, “You are going to turn 22 this April” before I could ask her what did she mean she smiled and left the room. I was in no mood for more debate over love and relationships.

Any mother would want her daughter to fall in love someday, but LOVE is not available for everyone. And I am the lucky one because I have got so many lovers and so many people whom I love but being with anyone of them to spend the entire life is something I haven’t given a thought!


And again I closed my eyes after writing the above lines to check if there are any changes! But alas, another face was added to the series of boys! Well as they say, give yourself the time and one day life will let you know who your lover is! Let’s wait and watch! Till then I am so going to enjoy the slideshow! 😉


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