Fall in and out of Love!

Yes, I often fall in and out of love! Every time I meet a person and flirt with them and have few good talks and couple of coffee dates, I feel its LOVE! Well it’s not completely my fault! Well it is!


I proudly say that I have fallen in love many times and I am still falling in love. But in reality these are just infatuations! I have noticed this small thing about me where if a guy wants to get committed and is a real good guy I am scared of him! Reasons, obviously unknown to me!

So as per Bejan Daruwala, the astrologer – ‘Aries often fall in and out of love!’ yes that’s so true! At least with me! I won’t deny that I fall in love very quickly! My first love was when I was in nursery! I fell in love with Ajay Devgan! Yeah you are right, the actor! In fact I told my mom that I want to marry him! I also hated Kajol when she married him! 😛


My second love was Shahrukh Khan, I know that’s too childish but yeah I thought I loved him a lot! I still love him, even after movies like DON and RA-ONE!!! Love is blind, you know!

Well he was the last actor love of my life. But my teenage life was filled with loves or crushes whatever you call it. When I was in the eighth grade I had a crush on my computer sir, he might be hardly 24 or 25 then! Hmmm then there was this prefect in my school, whose name I don’t know but I had a crush on him too! 😛


As and when I grew my crushes and love interests started to mature too! And the story continuous! Now you might think why all of sudden am I writing all this on my blog?


Naah, not because I want to but because someone asked me today, how have you never fallen in LOVE? Ohh yeah I am an egoistic and weird girl and I do blog about almost everything! Well to that someone: “dear, I have fallen in love with many people and things! I love my friends, I love my family. I love my books shelf. I love my books. I love my mobile. I love my computer. I love my blog pages. I love Jane Austen. I loved my computer sir. I loved that school prefect in my school. I love the guy with whom I usually WhatsApp. I love my camera. I love the collection of songs on my mobile phone. I love Ashton Kutcher, Ajay Devgan, SRK, Rajesh Khanna, Gerard Butler, and Richard Gere. I love my favorite pair of jeans. I love the movie theatre near my house. Oh come-on I have been in love so many times that I have now lost the count!”


Hmm I think that’s enough for that person! 😉

Okay now the above image is uploaded here not for any particular reason but just because, i wanted to! 😛


2 thoughts on “Fall in and out of Love!

  1. Oh my sweety I am always fascinated with your post I honestly admire most of your thoughts and ideas… and I love the quotes… Love is Blind but marriage is the eye opener… hahaha I really enjoy reading it…


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