Ignorance by someone leads to hatred for someone! When you ignore someone upfront, they have the feeling of hatred for you. it really doesn’t matter if you guys had the best chemistry ever. Ignorance leads to hatred!


And why shouldn’t it? There’s something known as self-respect! You know at times you know that ‘YES! this person is ignoring me!’ there are instances like, maybe both of you are online on Facebook, can see each other’s name but when you send a “hi”, there’s nothing in return! In the meanwhile you can see that, this person has uploaded a picture of a handsome guy or a beautiful girl! Ouch! It hurts! A lot!


So it’s obvious that there would be hatred in the other person’s heart! If you ignoring someone, what do you expect, that person would be behind you all his life? No, people move on in life!


Human beings have the tendency of ‘out of sight is out of mind’ but out of heart? Yeah this is also possible! For example a girl is ignoring a guy and the guy realizes that he is been ignored, he would pick up some other interest like some hobby; hang out with friends, a new love interest after a couple of try! But he can’t keep whining about it his entire life!


We human always give one last chance to everyone, but if it’s the same thing again, we are not too good to stay in that relationship! Giving last chance means the relationship is sinking already. A sinking relationship is difficult to sail properly. No wonders, why we have so many break-ups, divorces and fights!


I was talking about this topic to my cousin and she told me that this isn’t the fact. She said I am too egoistic to take it this way. It’s not an insult if someone is ignoring the other. My answer to such people is, I am not perfect. And the most important thing in life is self-respect, at least for me! Maybe my cousin is right and I agree that at times I have unnecessary ego but IGNORANCE!!!

I find ignorance a big deal! I am not sure if it is, but being ignored is like an insult! And it really hurts when you are ignored by the person whom you loved or spent really good time with! In a relationship, IGNORANCE means BREAK-UP! And trying to talk to that person even after they ignoring you prominently is next to IRRITATING! So rather than that person tell you that: “you are irritating me now!” its better you take the hint from the ignorance and move out! Someday they might realize it! Or maybe, they just love someone else! So its time you move-out!

To end with, don’t be ignored, rather love your self-respect and try moving out!



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