Tagging: it’s fun!

So Arjun has tagged me in this particular Tag


1. Describe yourself in one word.

    -Attractive! 😉


2. Favorite childhood memory

-The moment when I won first prize in school for fancy dress competition! I was dressed up as Subhash Chandra Bose! And I was happy because my daddy was super excited about me participating and winning!


3. Best accomplishment/moment of triumph.

-My HSC scores! I was astonished when I saw my percentage! 😀  


4. Ur current job and what u wanted to be while growing up

-Happily unemployed! And I always wanted to be a Writer! Still working hard! 😉


5. Something that you are good at skill wise.

-writing and cooking. Ummm is eating a skill? Ahh well never mind… 😉


6. Name one self invented superstition

-Nothing! Really… can’t think of any actually!


7. A real life story that you would definitely tell ur kids someday.

-maybe a love story if I have any in the future. But yes would tell them those experiences from my college days to my teenage kids! My favorite is the one where I and Shrabani (best friend) were having beer on the road! Super fun…


8. Name one regret that u have.

-Nothing yet! Too happy and fulfilled with my decisions!


9. If you had to change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

-I am too possessive when it comes to people close to me. Would like to change it!


10. Something that scares you?

-Insects, animals, reptiles!


11. An experience that changed your life.

-6 years back, when most of the household responsibilities came upon me! I t truly changed my life!


And finally I am done with the 11 answers!!! So now it’s my turn! I am going to Tag 11 bloggers and will ask them 11 questions! Well okay will to that in a while! By the way Arjun this is real fun!!! I loved it!!! 😀


5 thoughts on “Tagging: it’s fun!

  1. ashmita ur gonna tell ur kids that u had beer with ur friends in the middle of the road? 😀 😀 umm not a good idea 😛 i liked ur answers though. u did well 😛 cheers.


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