Three Reasons to get Married!


Yes I want to get married! Okay! Don’t get me wrong! But it’s just the little girly thing that has gotten into me! I want to get married not for love, money or anything else! It’s just 3 things that would be my reason for my marriage right now!


1. The beautiful red bridal wear! I know I need to get in that perfect hour glass figure but having the motivation to wear that perfect bridal outfit by Sabyasachi, I could even skip meals!

Yes, the reason number one is Sabyasachi Mukherjee. His bridal wears are amazing! Naah I am not turning into a fashion freak but which girl wouldn’t want to wear a Sabyasachi Creation! There is something known as Khayaali Pulao, in English I would say ‘making castle in the air’. Well in my Khayaali Pulao, I wear the beautiful Maroon Indian bridal Sabyasachi sari, draped in the most sexiest Bengali way in that perfect figure and my husband to be would go all crazy looking at me and more than that I would love looking at myself in the mirror hundreds of time because in my Khayaali Pulao I was looking an amazing Bengali Bride!



Lehenga choli is the first thing that comes to people’s mind when we say Indian Bridal Wear but for me I so want to be a Bengali bride in a sari! Ahh! I am sure if I just tell my mom that I want to get married, she would be happy but if I tell her my first reason of getting married she would ignore me and my suggestion to get married!

Well whatever it is, one day I will get a Sabyasachi Creation because, I will wear that sari by him and in the perfect hour glass figure! People who know me and know how ‘so-not-girly’ I am would laugh at this thought, but guys’ come-on I am a girl too. End of the day it is a Sabyasachi Creation!!!


2. Okay a lot about the first reason now going to the second reason. It is related to the first one a lot! It’s a girly one again, so just control your laughs!


Ummm… the second reason I want to get married is because, I want to have that princess like treatment with me. You know all the make-up, dresses, perfumes, and jewel! Just everything! There’s this bizarre thing about the brides. I haven’t seen many weddings, because I am really not a wedding person but yeah the weddings I have been to or seen the photographs of weddings the only thing I look at is the glow of the bride and how well she is taken care of!

Colors everywhere! And yeah photographers clicking me all the way… wouldn’t that be amazing, where I would be like the princess who doesn’t have to do anything on her wedding day and just sit and get ready and get married!


I really wish marriages were so simple! I always had this craze of eloping and getting married! But if I elope I won’t be able to marry the BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING style! Hmmm! I know its lots of waste of money and those money can be utilized in other important things… maybe I’ll ask my then husband to be to buy me a Sabyasachi Sari and then we would elope and have the typical filmy court marriage wedding! That sounds fun to me too! Yes marrying in a court also attracts me a lot! But this blog-post isn’t about marriages, it’s about the reasons I want to get married!

3. Last but not the least FOOD… well the third reason to get married is to have the delicious wedding sweets and food, specifically FISH! I know this goes in repel to the first one but yes maybe, after I starve  for months to look hotter in the Sabyasachi Sari, I deserve the best food in the town don’t I? At least the sweets!

From a Bengali girl this is the least that you can expect – Good food! Sweets from around the world to be served at the wedding and in front of me on my plate, from rosogullas to kaju katri or kaju katli – whatever you may call it! Amazing food, drinks and sweets! Yeah that’s the last reason I would want to get married!

After the three reasons I jotted down I realize how much I want to get a Sabyasachi sari, reduce my weight and look like a princess and then eat all the sweets from the world! Well do I really need to reduce to wear Sabyasachi? Well I can, if I try but… well I have heard somewhere that you need to have fats at the right places to wear a sari! Maybe I wouldn’t reduce or maybe I would! Well it depends if I am getting married with the Sabyasachi Sari! Rather i don’t want to get married but want to be a BRIDE! 🙂


It feels good to be girly at times! Shrabani would agree to this! So this is it – Sabyasachi Creation, Princess Treatment and good food and wine! The Big Fat Indian Wedding is ready!


12 thoughts on “Three Reasons to get Married!

  1. Wow they are really good reason….
    i married for the same reasons…..but could not elope…hai the sacrifices we have to make. 😆
    but got all the pampering and lovely bridal wear.
    Your khayali pulao is yummy who knows may be it will beocme a possibility…wish you all the best 🙂


  2. Wow!! I think the reasons are really convincing to get married.. I agree the sari and treatment like princess 🙂 Got it all… But the food.. never got enough time to eat food during my marriage. Whenever I was about to eat I was called for “Pooja” or to meet some one who wants to meet newly wed couple and take photos. I think I had proper food only after the marriage ceremony was over. But I liked all the three reasons you mentioned 🙂


    1. thank you so much deepika! welll i never knew u married!?! 😛 dats a compliment for u… and am sure wen i’ll get married Deepika, my husband to be (whoever tht wud be) would bring the food for me chupke se!!! i hope! fingers crossed!!! 😉


  3. hahaha sis you really make my night, those are incomparable reasons to marry, hm, I wanted also to wear Sari in my wedding day hope my future husband will allow me to wear sari in my wedding day…


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