The Little Black Dress!

So as we say we need a motivation to do something! I saw this LBD at Globus the other day and wanted to get that! I would’ve got it in my size but I wanted the size smaller than mine. Why? Because that looks better!


Who wouldn’t want that perfect Little Black Dress from Globus and fit in it well? Yeah LBD, I mean LITTLE BLACK DRESS! For people who were unaware of it! I know everyone knew about it! Whatever!


I tried the size that would take me into it but my eyes were laid on the one smaller than that! And now I have decided to reduce to fit into it! We all need some motivation to do something in life!

When I was in school I wrote good essays because my dad motivated me that if I keep writing good one day my essays would be read in the school assembly! Now it was never read in the school assembly but today my blogs are read by many people over the internet!


Losing weight isn’t my cup of tea, but yes I have decided to lose weight just to fit in that Little Black Dress! I told my mom about it and I was not astonished on her reaction! She said “yeah lose your weight and then buy the one which is smaller, do you want to buy this one now?” and I replied, “Naah ma I’ll take one size smaller, once I get into it!” she looked around and said, “want to have some sizzlers? Let’s go to Jug Heads!” I knew she was just making fun of me, well not her fault, it is my fault! I have told her so many times that I want to lose weight and always have done the exact opposite! But I never had the motivation to lose weight, now finally I have one! LBD I will grab you one day!


Not exactly the same but the LBD i saw at Globus was similar to this one! Isnt it the perfect one!


7 thoughts on “The Little Black Dress!

      1. It was perfect when I bought it. It is sitting in my closet waiting for me to get back into my regular workout program. It’s lonely for a night out.


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