Dating Older Guys: Pros And Cons

Today, I like to date the one who is more of a MAN than a BOY! Maybe it’s because as and when I grow up my preferences would go up. Yes I like the man with the stubble look, bit busy with work, listening to music and watching movies I would never relate to and treating me like a baby. the fact is, i liked older men even back then!

I know it sounds selfish but I like the guy or man who would love me, take care of me and UNDERSTAND me for god’s sake! Who wouldn’t like it? Won’t you like a girl who would do the exact things mentioned above for you and need to add another thing which is, give you your space!


There are so many good things about dating a guy who is a lot more older than you.

1. If he is older than you by years, obviously he has that maturity. We all know that men gain maturity a lot later than a woman. So if I am 21 and behave like 21 than a guy at the age of 30 would act like 22! Personally I have tried being with a guy who is just a year older to me and it results in nothing but being a mom for the guy. So yes years of experience bring maturity, which is a TURN-ON!

2. Who doesn’t want to be pampered and taken care of? Everyone does, right? I am no different! There’s a feeling that a guy who is older than you might look at you the way you want them to. Giving you that ‘baby…’ feeling isn’t that bad, is it?

3. He would understand your enthusiasm, your craziness, your denial for things because he must’ve gone through the same once!

4. For me if I have to go out with an older guy than obviously, size will matter! I need someone who is huge. Apparently most of the older guys I know are amazing huge and attractive! Suits me the best! 😉

5. A mature man will have the sense of responsibility. I being the older one in my family is well aware of how much responsibility is required, so now wanting someone who would ask me to chill and at least take the responsibility of the relationship isn’t a CRIME!

OLDER MEN ARE SO HOT!!! well the example is Pierce Brosnan! God he is so HOT!

Well these are the five points – rather good points in dating an older guy let’s have a look at the bad ones!

1. Guys of my age are very dominating; imagine the guys who are older! Woahh they would be the GOD of domination!

2. Interests in things would be so different! I am an old person when it comes to music and books. I like the real old ones! What if the guy is my opposite and loves the TODAY’S Music! I know it’s absurd, because an older guy would like the old music but that’s not the case! The choice of music becomes LATEST as the age increases! This is the case with at least most of the older guy I know as of today!

3. Men like older woman as WE like older MEN! My cousin sisters are super hot! GOD!

4. Differentiate in friends circle! My friends are of my age and obviously his friends would be of his age! We talk absolutely NOTHING and anything, which most of the times have no logic! What if his friends are the intellectual and philosophical types!

5. I being 21, if date a guy who is in his thirties or above, might want to get committed real soon. It’s a drawback because he must’ve reached a good point of his career! But my career is still sinking and needs to come up!

I always have and had believed in the fact that ‘everything has two sides’ so if I date a guy older than me, obviously I’ll have the sweetness along with the bitterness of it! But as I always say, do what your heart says! Just do it! Thinking on things and trying to analyze love and dating would be difficult for you! and end of the day as we say ‘the wine older is better!’

Hmmm so here I am with another List blog post! I love this!


8 thoughts on “Dating Older Guys: Pros And Cons

  1. Have you ever dated a man who was a quarter Sicilian, a quarter Corsican, a quarter African and a quarter Pawnee Indian…and 30 years older than you? One not looking to settle down right now but just enjoy life’s moments with a very attractive, cuddly hot sexy 18 on a scale of 10?


  2. Thnx for sharing your thoughts & making me go through it all over AGAIN 😉
    Look before u leap; But don’t take too much time in thinking. – Anonymous
    is the best proverb i have read
    BTW whats the range of age difference (obviously more than 1 yr) in general?


    1. well the age difference could b anything, depends from person to person! for me i dont know it depends on whom i fall in love with… i’ll blog about the age difference between me and my lover, once i get one! 😉


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