Yes I am a HARD TEN!

Yes I am a HARD TEN!


You guys must be thinking what’s going on with me? Well just scoring myself out of TEN! Yeah every one of us must’ve scored some cute guy on the road or some hot chick in the coffee shop. We have also scored ourselves. And we are too honest when it comes to scoring. We score ourselves the same way we score others. Today was watching the movie ‘She’s out Of League’ and realized, why do we score ourselves so low?


The fact here is, before anyone gives us a FIVE or a SIX out of TEN, we score ourselves. Why can’t we score ourselves a TEN? No one is perfect! So, that doesn’t mean that you’re ABSOLUTELY IMPERFECT!

I asked a friend of mine on the phone that how much will he score himself and he directly said TEN! I asked him why is he so self obsessed. And he just said, “why should I score myself less than a TEN, when I know what I am?” so this statement of his lead me to write this post today.


Indeed none of us are perfect but we are indeed what we are. We are what we want to be. So which means all of us are a TEN! I wouldn’t deduct a mark on the score because I have some extra pounds on me, rather I would say, I am proud of the fats on me because they are on the right places!







If all of us start giving ourselves a TEN then trust me our self confidence would boom up!!! And it isn’t wrong to consider ourselves a bit more than what we are. I think things I do can never be done the best by anyone else! Maybe I am wrong but who cares!  😉



Would like to just say that I am HARD TEN!!!  🙂



9 thoughts on “Yes I am a HARD TEN!

          1. I am very glad….nice to see a nice young woman have fun in the dating world. Keep us, your fans, posted on your progress.


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