Depression and No Money : Worse Combination!

‘Depression or grief with money is the best combination’ these are my thoughts obviously… 19th of Feb and I was broke! Isn’t that miserable? It is indeed. And the cherry on the top was I was sad, not because I was broke, but yeah another mood swing of mine!

For me the only thing that can throw my depression or grief away is chocolate. But yeah lots of them. Chocolates during depression mean expensive ones. Actually nothing less than a Bournville or Cadbury Silk would o! If I get a chance to go to M.O.D. during my mood swings or depression swings, I would be back to normal, rather a step ahead than being normal.

Chocolates and depression go hand in hand. Some say that chocolate increases depression but for me, I need chocolate when I am happy, I need chocolate when I am sad, I need chocolate when I am angry and I need chocolate when I am drunk! in a nutshell, I need chocolate.

When a person is sad or going through a rough time, we let that person do what they want, right? EXACTLY!



When depression hits in the month end it’s like a double-depression. No money! No chocolate! It’s really a disaster to be sad when there are no chocolates!!!

Why am I writing this blog-post? Because there are no chocolates and lots of sadness to take care of… I guess there has to be some other way out of depression if not chocolates. Maybe the entire month end, I would try to find out some other way to get rid of sadness when you don’t have the money to buy a dozen of Cadbury Silk and Bournville!


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