06 things that indicates your lover isn’t interested anymore

So how would we know that they are not in love? Hmmm! Difficult thing to guess or rather such things are never guessed, rather we directly ask a person whether they love us or no? When it’s a NO, they usually say: “Nothing like that baby. Just been too busy with work” along with this one ‘muahhh’ would work?

It is difficult to know if a person loves you or no, because at times we are so confused with Love, that we ourselves are not sure if we love them or no. but yes when we can tell if a person is interested in talking to you or no.

06 things that rings bell and indicates : God my lover is no more interested in me!!!

06. Ignorance:

This is like the most common one. When a person ignores you, you certainly come to know. It’s not about a female instinct or so, but even men know if someone they like is ignoring them suddenly. Not replying to your messages is the best example of ignoring. But yes, as I always say, there are two sides of everything. Maybe this person is really busy enough to check his mobile messages? You think that’s possible? Well…








05. Behavior Change:

Hmm so how did they behave earlier? Always liking your Facebook status? Or sending you a message in the middle of the night saying: “miss you.” Has that changed? Maybe that turns to nothing. Maybe it’s been weeks and months that he hasn’t visited your Facebook wall or hasn’t been a tech savvy lately to send a miss you. This change in behavior rings the bells as to: “Woahh, something’s so wrong here!” you really can’t do anything with this. Maybe they are going through a rough time at work or at home. Well, have we ever heard of something called: “problems reduce when shared?” Maybe they haven’t heard of this. Forgive them.










04. No more Night talks:

Sad, I must say. Were you addicted to the night talks? The hugs and kisses that you’ll shared? Hmmm no more of this, is certainly not good! Maybe they have become an early bird, so they sleep early these days. Ahh what if they are the people who work in night shifts? Hmm too busy in work!!!







03. No Lunch:

This is so extreme and directly means that it’s a good-bye! Were they having lunch with you on every weekend? Hmm in that case, there are just many more weekends left that you’d be alone if you were alone for the last 5 weekends. It is possible that they must’ve decided to skip meals.










02. No movies:

So was it P.S. I Love You that you’ll watch when alone or did you’ll go to theatres and cuddled up while the actors on the screen were making love? So, I guess no more of it. Maybe your lover hates Gerald Butler these days then.









01. Secretive:

Have your lover or significant other has become too secretive these days? Not telling you what happened at work or just smiles on the phone and it’s not you on the phone that they’re smiling to? Well there’s no point being more possessive and suspicious, it can be a friend or if you think it’s a special friend, then too, it’s okay and feasible. But were they OPEN earlier? If yes? Then it’s nothing but read the point 05.









So if these are the case with you and your lover, maybe it’s time for you two sit and discuss. If they’ve got no time to discuss its better you MOVE- ON, because it directly indicates that they are not interested in you anymore. Maybe you seem boring or monotonous to them, which is quite possible. I do get bored of many things when it’s monotonous. Many things, means MANY THINGS! Yeah you got that right.

This happens to you too. When you know that something is not going to work and you are just trying to make it work every day, you get bored. Apparently you just leave that THING and move-on! It’s not wrong to do so, because you tried your level best to make your relationship work, but when there is no hope, then why unnecessarily waste yours and their time. Rather just move on with your own life and do something meaningful this time.

Think on it. Try to make it work; if it’s not, you are quite intelligent to take your own decisions. You certainly don’t need such blog-posts to run your relationship with your lover. This blog-post is no relationship breaker thing, but just a small hint as to what is a possibility when it’s OVER.


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