Move on is the key word, when it comes to life. Anything that happens to you today or tomorrow needs to be forgotten and give a new kick to yourself. This kick is the MOVE-ON attitude in life.

You fail your exam, move on and prove yourself the next time. You have a fight with your siblings; move on love them, the way you used to. You break up with your significant other, move on and find the true love of your love. Love being my favorite topic, would write this blog post on move-on just for Love and vulnerable people who can’t move-on in life.

Recently read a random blog while browsing Google. The blog-post was nothing but a SORRY LETTER by a girl. Now the whole point of sorry didn’t make any sense to me. She said sorry to the guy but what she had described about the fight wasn’t her fault at all.

I thought how desperate the girl was. I spoke about this blog to my mom and she told me that’s LOVE for the girl. I thought to myself: “if this is love, I am glad I am single.” I read more posts from that girl’s blog and realized that the girl has been dedicating blogs to her lover since a long time. I was trying to judge the girl by her blog, but then thought it’s wrong to judge a person with the blog. At times, we bloggers write a blog just to let our heart out and in the real world we are an exact opposite of what we are in the blog.

A writer friend once told me, “The stories you write on love are amazing, seems like you’ve been in love and enjoyed every part of it.” I had sent my writer friend just a smiley on that remark of his. The fact is, I have never been in love. I have had crushes, the most beautiful one’s ever but LOVE is a strong word, and it’s a POWER WORD for me.

While reading the girl’s blog, I realized that after every two paragraphs she said I Love You. When you say these words girl, you can’t move-on. Remember ‘it’s a POWER-WORD’. But everyone has to move-on. I guess everyone does, just that some people move-on immediately while some take time, but eventually even they do.


The girl had mentioned that all she can do after the guy left her was THINK OF HIM. Well it’s a human tendency to think of a person whom you’ve been close to for a long time but we are close even to a dog if we’re close to them. It’s not that someone would die if someone left them; it’s just a frustration that takes over you for a few days.

Well all I would like to say to all the broken hearts there, just move-on, because you are wasting your tears here for them but are they? Just move-on and live life as per your wish, don’t ever change for anyone. Let people leave, there’s one person who would never leave you and that one person is YOU!


Move- on!!!


9 thoughts on “Move-on

  1. Very apt – you’re timing is perfect. I was let down very badly by a friend yesterday and the hurt was annoying me all day today. Tks for the share, proved useful today, though a very good friend’s ear has been bent a lot today as well.


    1. aww dont worry, you’ll be fine… and m sure that even you’ll move on!!! people are never meant to be together, they have to leave some day or the other…. so why not today!!! its okk!! MOVE-ON!! 🙂 keep smiling, keep reading!!


  2. Ashmita- I agree with your point in saying that it is not fair to judge someone by their blog, ecspecially after you mentioned that you have never been in love. I truley believe that a good writer can exemplify any feeling and portray it as if they know exactly what it is like. I have to admit that when I write I do write from how I am feeling, but I make a point to REALLY feel it so that I can truley express it through woods, however the intensity of the feeling is not always felt. Anyway, my point is that I agree with your comment about not judging someone only from their blog. Who knows, maybe she has more then one? 🙂 Keep on writing!


    1. exactly as i say, never judge a person in any way… a person can have more then 1 blog…. i do… i maybe extremely cranky here but in my other blog m a revolutionist!! just thot of jotting down the words for people to move-on… keep reading, keep writing!!! 🙂


  3. I super loved this post.

    It is easier said than done…to move on. Moving on a broken relationship (any relationship) is never easy. It takes for ever to get up and get on with our lives. But, it is important to Move on as important as the oxygen that we breathe without which we may die.

    My personal experience – moving on is not easy. You get to see lot of true colors, you get to know who stands with you when life brings you down…but when you finally make it through, you are more stronger, wiser, and clearer in your thoughts.

    Happy Moving on 🙂


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